[DARK POP] The Familiar-Dark Eyes

[DARK POP] The Familiar-Dark Eyes

[DARK POP] The Familiar-Dark Eyes



I think this song is about me. Not in that solipsistic Carly Simon way; but I’m just one of those dudes with dark eyes. God, is this what it would sound like for someone to try and inject some light into me? I think it’s pretty well established that I’m the runner type. But I’ve been laying there, pillow by pillow, arm hair on arming hair massaging itself until it chafes, becoming a touch that feels a little too much more than a casual walk down my skin. They get that look in their eyes, saying,

“Hey, you!, Yes, you!
Hey don’t look away, asshole!
All right, good.
If you’ll let me, I’ll be shelter
From the acid rain of your life…”

And all I want to do is bury my head in a pillow and play possum with not breathing long enough that they get the gist or, you know, I actually become perma-possum. But that’s only because it has its desired effect on me, much as “Dark Eyes” does: you’re left wondering what that’d feel like, for someone to care that much, to be able to ‘pin you down’.  It makes reviewing this track a bit of a sordid affair.

But that’s exactly what Brooklyn/Norwegian pop band, The Familiar, want. They inject their music with just enough iciness as to keep even the most twisted escape artist frozen long enough in place for the warmth of their music to envelope you in all its glory. Check out their Soundcloud, Facebook and listen to the full Rooms EP below (as well as buy it here on Itunes:


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