[DEEP HOUSE] Broken Back – “Happiest Man On Earth” (FDVM Remix)

[DEEP HOUSE] Broken Back – “Happiest Man On Earth” (FDVM Remix)

[DEEP HOUSE] Broken Back – “Happiest Man On Earth” (FDVM Remix)


I’ll make it quick for you to know
Splashing my feelings is not where I’m the best at.

When it comes to the feels, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t often wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s never been something I felt the need to do. But as I come into a new understanding of human connection and the ability for music to bypass those pre-frontal prohibitions, I feel the need to become more vulnerable in the face of challenging times, times of transition and mysterious new opportunities. After all, isn’t this the space in which I’ve always thrived? The future isn’t molded and so it can be anything at all that I want it to be. It’s about time to start exploring again.

I belong to the roads now
Coming home to my old town.

It’s all a familiar place – yet it’s aged since the last time I spent exploring the space. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. But my frame of mind is different. I have come to understand my ability to create my reality. Thoughts – they are a powerful thing, my friend. Surround yourself with them and your ability to face the dissonant headwinds will persevere. You have to believe, because what is the alternative? Life is momentum, and as long as we don’t stop we have won. And with that, today’s mantra stays on repeat…

I think I am the happiest man on Earth.

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