Egzod Teams up with Aleesia for “Machine”

Egzod Teams up with Aleesia for “Machine”

Egzod Teams up with Aleesia for “Machine”


Amassing over 70 million streams since 2017, Egzod literally meaning “exodus” phonetically in French, has developed a solid reputation for releasing a steady stream of powerful electronic music replete with meaning and spiritual significance. For his latest “Machine,” Egzod teams up with extremely talented Canadian based vocalist Aleesia (best known for her work with Martin Garrix on “Gold Skies” and Robin Schulz on “Love Me Loud”) to share his compelling musical vision with the world.

“Machine” is a melodic bass single that carries a truly motivational and inspiring universal theme. Aleesia describes the empowering theme of the track: “Machine is a record about inner strength and the power in persistence. There’s nothing more motivating than being underestimated; there is nothing more satisfying than facing adversity and coming out stronger because of it… When the going gets tough, WE get tougher.”

On “Machine” Egzod displays his diverse and unique production style, highly influenced by world music elements and instruments; he blends different world music sounds with melodic bass and trap music to create a cutting-edge and eclectic sound. “Machine” is replete with a myriad of instruments including diverse percussion, an array of wind instruments, and a powerful electric guitar solo in the drop. Combining Egzod’s prolific production with Aleesia’s distinct voice and dynamic songwriting results in an incredible electronic track that is not to be missed.






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