[ELECTRO] Big Gigantic – Nocturnal (Full Album Official Release)

[ELECTRO] Big Gigantic – Nocturnal (Full Album Official Release)

[ELECTRO] Big Gigantic – Nocturnal (Full Album Official Release)


Holy shit! Big Gigantic‘s new album is out and it is a true banger. One of the best of the year so far. Don’t believe me? Just begin listening to the anthemic sounds below and you’ll soon realize that Nocturnal is in a genre all it’s own.

Following up their last project, A Place Behind The Moon, and a few stellar remixes over the past year, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the 11 track release. My favorite element of the whole album is Dominic Lalli’s dead sexy saxophone juxtaposed beautifully with the massive electronic sounds that struts the line between dubstep and something truly original. Oh yeah, you can’t forget the insanely talented Jeremy Salken on the drums, either.

The album is completely free to download, so you should have had it on your playlists 10 minutes ago. If you’re unsure where to start, I suggest getting your feet wet with “It’s Going Down” and “Nocturnal.” Both will introduce you nicely into the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Big G. Enjoy!

You can find the download for Nocturnal below or on Big Gigantic’s site here.

Big Gigantic – Nocturnal by BigGigantic

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