[ ELECTRO HOUSE ] Henrix – “Light” (New Release)

[ ELECTRO HOUSE ] Henrix – “Light” (New Release)

[ ELECTRO HOUSE ] Henrix – “Light” (New Release)



Every music lover intrinsically knows that a song is more than just a compilation of sounds that mesh well together. It takes on a life of its own in the ears of each beholder, embodying people, places and things far beyond the artist’s original intentions. For me, every place of relative significance I have ever visited has its own sound, a feeling curated by its environment and my own personal impressions of that destination.

It’s no surprise that “Light,” the newest release from Henrix, calls to mind memories of the DJ’s home city: Miami. My experience with the city is built solely on music, for it was there that I attended my first festival years ago–and there that I subsequently fell in love with everything that is electronic dance music culture.
I am envious of the utter awe that my younger self felt upon setting foot in Bicentennial Park in the midst of Ultra. Until that moment, electronic music festivals had been nothing more than underground legends blowing over the ocean from Europe. People reacted with a mixture of admiration and “are-you-out-of-your-mind” concern when I told them I was making a 21 hour road trip down the east coast for a weekend-long rave; electronic music had not yet reached its American peak, and I reveled in its rebellious nature. I wasn’t even able to legally drink–the wildest party I had ever been to was at a fraternity house–so Miami instantly became legendary. Everything from the crystalline water, the flashy cars, the lavish parties, and the monstrous stages of Ultra seemed utterly larger than life.

“Light” feels at home in that city, opening with guitar riffs to pique the listener’s curiosity and then artfully weaving in arpeggios that are reminiscent of Daft Punk’s sound. Most Miami-esque, though, is the track’s massive breakdown–I can picture a sea of people jumping to its percussive drops. “Light” was released via Fedde Le Grand‘s Flamingo Recordings, rounding off a successful year for Henrix, who has also released tracks on SIZE, CR2, and Mixmash.

No matter if you’re stuck in the pseudo-Arctic or lounging poolside in South Beach this holiday, press play on “Light” and transport yourself to spring festival season.

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Bonus: Free download (and acapella version) of Henrix’s “Feel Alive” here.

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