Eligh & Alam Khan Weave an Intricate Sonic Tapestry with LP ‘Tides’

Eligh & Alam Khan Weave an Intricate Sonic Tapestry with LP ‘Tides’

Eligh & Alam Khan Weave an Intricate Sonic Tapestry with LP ‘Tides’


Inspired by the massive shift in energy on this planet, Eligh (of Living Legands fame) and Alam Khan recently joined forces for their collaborative LP aptly titled Tides. Alam Khan is the son of the legendary late Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, known as the greatest Sarode player of modern times; he is often assigned responsibility for bringing Indian music to the west. The LP is a powerful follow up to their debut full length album 2016’s Grand Tapestry. Out now on renowned electronic music emblem Gravitas Recordings, Tides metaphorically represents the rapid change currently taking place across the globe.

The six track, three instrumentals LP provides a highly captivating and unique sonic experience. Merging Indian instruments with intricately woven electronic music production and dexterous hip-hop beats, together Eligh and Alam Khan craft a spiritual and conscious, high vibe listening experience. Tides is chock-full of tremendous musicianship, impressive production work, and Eligh’s deeply introspective poetic hip-hop flow.

Highlights of Tides include the single “Seagulls” which features renowned instrumentalist Raaginder on the violin and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on the santoor. On the track, seagulls encircle the beach shore while mankind studies the notion of time and its influence on love. Eligh’s impressive and punchy lyrical flow steals the show on the emotive and passionate “Believe.” The track “Youth” delivers a transformative narrative that discusses the permanence of love and the wonders of an unknown future. Colin Brown joins on the piano for the finale’s virtuous “Iman Kalyan (Evening Raga),” where authentic tanpura and sarod instrumentals return Tides to the ocean.

Altogether, Tides is the perfect mixture of organic instrumentation, hip-hop, and electronica. As a whole, the LP presents a highly impressive and mesmeric listening experience from start to finish.

Listen to Tides below.

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