[INTERVIEW] Nause On “Following The Light”

[INTERVIEW] Nause On “Following The Light”

[INTERVIEW] Nause On “Following The Light”



With their last single “The World I Know” inspiring several stellar remixes over the course of the year, and their most recent “Follow The Light” still doing the rounds, we thought it was time to check in with Swedish duo Nause, and speak a little about what else they have going on.

How are you feeling about the remixes of “The World I Know”?

It’s always cool to hear how somebody else interprets your work, and makes something totally different. We love every remix!

When did you first working on the original?

I guess it was about a year ago. After making a few different versions of the song we felt that the now finished version had the best feeling to it.

What influenced your decision to go with the remixers you did? Were you already fans of their work?

We had heard some of the work they’d done, and felt like it would be a perfect mix of sounds coming in the remixes! So we’re really happy they turned out so good.

Did you know when you finished the original it would grow to be so popular?

It’s never easy to predict how your song will be received, but as long as we think It’s a good song, we want people to hear it.

Have you had any standout gigs this year?

We’ve had a few! It’s been a good festival season in Sweden.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2015? 

Right now we’re on our club-tour called “Follow The Light” where we try to create the perfect club with lights, décor and of course, the best music!


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