Interview: Producer & Violinist Alfiya Glow Talks “New Earth,” Spirituality & More

Interview: Producer & Violinist Alfiya Glow Talks “New Earth,” Spirituality & More

Interview: Producer & Violinist Alfiya Glow Talks “New Earth,” Spirituality & More


Since bursting into the scene with her 2018 single “Butterfly,” Alfiya Glow has become known for her signature electronic violin sound. To support her latest single release, “New Earth,” the prodigious young female artist recently hosted a special deep house yoga event and livestream in partnership with Groove Cruise and N360 Group. The single fuses progressive electronic beats with her ingenious violin to help drive the track forward. The result is an innovative and compelling single chock-full of hope and creativity. Alfiya is a natural performer who knows how to ignite a crowd through her dynamic presence and impressive musicianship.

To support Alfiya’s new single release, we recently had the pleasure of catching up with the talented producer, DJ, and electronic violinist. Read this interview to find out more about “New Earth,” Alfiya’s spiritual and creative processes and more.

What first inspired you to start producing electronic music? 

ALFIYA: It was my undeniable love for dance music. I figured if i love it so much I might as well try creating my own:)

What has the process been like working with Enormous Tunes? 

ALFIYA: It has been wonderful. The Enormous Tunes team is so warm and supportive, it instantly felt like I became a part of the family!

Where did you first get the idea to produce “New Earth”? How has the single evolved since you first came up with the idea for this song? 

ALFIYA: I get this question a lot. However, the process with this track was quite interesting. I remember having a strong impulse and inspiration to create that day, I didn’t have a clear idea or a melody in my head yet. But as I sat down to write, the music began to flow and a few hours later I had the track. Once I was done with the instrumental part of it, as I was listening back I heard ‘new earth’ lyric in my head, and that’s how my vocals ended up on the track too.

How would you describe the new earth paradigm? 

ALFIYA: I would describe it as a shift from the old paradigm of lack, patriarchy, poverty and war into a new paradigm of abundance, equality and peace, as humanity transitions from the love of power to the power of love mindset.

What are your positive takeaways from this past year? 

ALFIYA: I have quite a few. The most important one is clarity on what is really important and that life is to be lived now, because we don’t know what can happen tomorrow.    

What artists and albums are you currently listening to? 

ALFIYA: I’ve been really enjoying Worakls’ Orchestra album on my car rides. 

The official release party for “New Earth” was an outdoor deep house yoga event. Are yoga and meditation part of your everyday life? 

ALFIYA: Yes, these practices have become a part of my everyday life, and have changed it in so many positive ways. And it felt so aligned to have the release party be an outdoor deep house event. 

How often do you practice the violin? 

ALFIYA: I try to practice everyday, this is a skill that requires you to do so. However, I don’t practice 9 hours a day like I used to back in school 🙂 

Can you please describe your creative process? 

ALFIYA: I love to come up with a chord progression and a melodic line first, pulling inspiration from other music I enjoy at the moment, some classical gems or movie music, and then continuing with sound design, song structure, drums and FX.

As part of your release you’re planning a livestream. What’s your overall perspective on livestreams today? 

ALFIYA: It is quite incredible how artists all over the world have been able to connect with their audience through livestreams. However, I believe that nothing can beat the energy of a live performance.   

What are you planning for the rest of this year and beyond? 

ALFIYA: I’m planning on releasing more original music as well as my own electric violin sample pack. Looking forward to touring and creating more music!

“New Earth” is out now on Enormous Tunes. Stream below on Spotify.


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