[INTERVIEWS] L.A. Trailblazer Jamie Prado Made Us the Perfect Playlist for Splash House

[INTERVIEWS] L.A. Trailblazer Jamie Prado Made Us the Perfect Playlist for Splash House

[INTERVIEWS] L.A. Trailblazer Jamie Prado Made Us the Perfect Playlist for Splash House


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It seems like Coachella was only yesterday, but I’m already dusting off the floppy hat and packing my bags to head back to the desert.  This time, though, I’m swapping out my booties for flip flops and my suede for swimwear in preparation for Splash House, a very different kind of Palm Springs music festival.  For two full weekends in June and August, Splash House takes over some of the most iconic hotels in town–the Saguaro and the Riviera this year–with innovative electronic music in a retro-chic setting.  There’s no shortage of tacos, tequila, tropical house, techno, and everything in between at this Goldenvoice and FNGRS CRSSD curated, pool-party extravaganza.  If you’re debating snagging last minute tickets, take my word for it and hit that “Purchase” button already!

Last year’s Splash House was one of my most memorable festival experiences due to its refreshing concept; it’s not your standard one-venue, no re-entry event, you’re only steps away from your hotel room if you need to take a breather, and it is devoid of the “bros and hoes” shenanigans you’ll find at a Vegas pool party.  The forward-thinking, multi-genre roster of talent  attracts the friendly, respectful, and mature type of partiers who themselves create an impeccably good vibe.   June’s lineup did not disappoint–this weekend I’m looking forward to seeing Odesza, Lee Foss, and Guy Gerber in addition to some of the area’s hottest emerging artists, like Jamie Prado.

If you haven’t heard of Jamie yet, you’re about to become very familiar with this Los Angeles local.  His music transcends what I’m comfortable labeling with a genre such as “deep house” or “tropical house”–confining his original material into such a box seems insulting, if not impossible.  Jamie’s dynamic house productions range from deep, soulful after-hours jams to breezy poolside tunes perfect for sweltering desert days, all woven together with effortless dexterity.  The Colombia-born producer has become ubiquitous in the Southern California music scene as of late; his pre-Coachella “Return to Indio” EP was closely followed by the groovy “Milk & Honey” EP, and then by the launch of his record label, Midnight in Paris, with L’Affaire Musicale.

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We caught up with Jamie for some Q&A before he plays at Splash House this Saturday, and he also made us the perfect playlist to gear up for what’s about to be a wet, wild, and wonderful weekend!

TS&S: Thanks so much for curating this Splash House playlist for us! Can you explain some of your track selections?
J.P.: My pleasure! This is a cross section of my favorite tracks I’m listening to and playing out this summer.

TS&S: Congratulations on the launch of your new record label, Midnight in Paris, with L’Affaire Musicale! What hopes do you have for the label as far as impacting the local music scene and beyond?
J.P.: Thank you. The positive impact we hope to make is to release high quality, memorable records that people love, by artists we support and believe in. Mix that up with some unique content, events in beautiful locations and nothin’ but good vibes and hey, the future’s lookin’ pretty bright.

TS&S: Our site is focused on exploring the deeper meaning behind music. Can you tell us the story and significance behind “Restless,” your recent debut single on Midnight in Paris?
J.P.:  The significance of “Restless” is that I worked with an artist (Tali) whom I’ve only done drum and bass tracks with. We met years ago through our UK connections and did a lot of tunes together that did really well. Tali is a genius, her own projects are always mind-blowing. After I finished the instrumental for “Restless,” I sent it over to her and she had it back in 24 hours. I was floored.

TS&S: At what point in your life did you decide that music would be your path? Did you have to make any sacrifices in order to pursue that dream?
J.P.: Music has always played a huge role in my life. I played bass in ska & punk bands in high school, started DJing in clubs around ’99, but always balanced it all out with school and part-time jobs. It wasn’t until after I’d moved to LA and was working in corporate for MTV that I decided it was time to make a decision as to how I wanted the next few years of my life to look. So I left MTV in 2009 to go on tour and – looking back, I think that was the turning point. It wasn’t cut and dry however, and I maintained close relationships with former counterparts–so now in the present, especially with my work in music licensing & film composition, I still work with many friends there developing new projects, like the theme songs I produced for a couple of LOGO TV (Viacom) Channel shows recently.

TS&S: If your music was the soundtrack to a movie and you could create the perfect scene for it, describe what would be going on in that scene.
J.P.:  Sunrise: Multiple tropical city shots (quick cuts) worldwide: slow pan up into sunlight. Blur into sweeping shots of people walking down the streets in good moods. Sunlight beams hit their smiling faces as we quick cut to the beat – from city to city.

TS&S: I’m looking forward to your set this weekend in Palm Springs. What is special to you about playing at Splash House?
J.P.: Thanks, I’m really looking forward as well. What’s special? What isn’t? It’s the dopest event in the states highlighting the spectrum of house music I love, by the artists who are really pushing the boundaries. And it’s in a beautiful location.  It’s such a good energy, I can’t wait.

TS&S: I’m noticing quite a few Champagne references in your music… What’s your summertime drink of choice?
J.P.:  Chardonnay or Champagne in the daytime,  Caipirinhas or Mojitos in the evening.
TS&S:  I’ll drink to that! 

SH June Day Rosters

Jamie’s Top 10 Tracks for June’s Splash House Edition: 

1. Nora En Pure – Morning Dew
“”Morning Dew” is a beautiful way to start a set. It has a gorgeous breath to it, evolving from tranquil minimal state into an enormous bed of euphoric groove.”

2. TRACE – Honey (Mahalo Remix)
“Every new song I hear by Mahalo I love more than the last; He’s killing it. One of my recent fav’s is his remix of “Honey” by TRACE. There’s a gritty raw emotion to it that gives a 90’s warehouse vibe. It’s an ideal track for the 4am crew.”

3.  Saccao & Namatria – Systematic
“Systematic exemplifies the “less is more” idea in production. The elements are perfectly placed and layered. This track will be in heavy rotation all summer.”

4. Jamie Prado – Restless ft. Tali
“I wanted to write something that reflected my drum and bass production and how better than to enlist vocals by MC Tali. We’ve been working together for years so when I sent her the instrumental and she had something back to me in 24 hours, I knew we were onto something.”

5. Croatia Squad & Lika Morgan – Make Your Move
“My TUNE. This track takes me straight to Miami with a Mojito in hand ready to hit the beach.”

6. Birdee – Unreal featuring Julia Kautz
“Birdee’s production is always on point and this track is his best to date in my opinion. Featuring the vocal stylings of Julia Kautz, “Unreal” is a great summer time track that sets the floor off every time I play it.”

7. Giorgio Sainz & Night Owl – Meet A Girl (Dirty Freek Remix)
I’m a huge fan of Dirty Freek. His remixes, originals – always on point. “Meet A Girl” remix has this great uplifting energy to it. Perfect for those late afternoon poolside sessions.

8. Dirty Freek – Hope (Ryan Barton Remix)
“ApartmentSixtyThree is pushing out some incredible releases. I’ve only heard a couple things by Ryan Barton but I’m a huge fan already. His production has this warmth and clarity to it giving second life to a classic house sound.”

9. Jamie Prado – African Sun
“”African Sun” on Ivory Oasis is probably the track I’m most proud of.  I feel like the marimba and vocal samples worked perfectly together giving it an authentic tribal feel without going over the top.”

10. Tontario & Leo Islo – Coexist
“I’m in love with this track. It’s lush, sexy, fluid and deep. This is the song you play at sunrise on the beach surrounded by palm trees.”


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