Mars IX Teams up with Dynamique & Eihdz on “Nicotine”

Mars IX Teams up with Dynamique & Eihdz on “Nicotine”

Mars IX Teams up with Dynamique & Eihdz on “Nicotine”


Mars IX continues to dominate a unique place in the modern day electronic music landscape with a cutting edge style of eclectic and exploratory music. Mars IX recently teamed up with producer Dynamique and talented Eihdz to create the vibrant and nostalgia laden house music track “Nicotine.”

The powerful lyrics and upbeat production melodiously fuse to create a surge of euphoria and sonic positivity. While on the surface “Nicotine” is the perfect, feel-good, summer-time track, beneath the surface it’s replete with meaning.

“Nicotine is a song about a constant struggle with one’s self. The balance between being an obsessive lover or heartless introvert is highlighted in the lyrics of the record. As the story unfolds, the lyricist’s metaphorical need for their partner’s love, like their need for nicotine, comes to light, proving that humans have a need for affection from other humans. Unfortunately, we believe that sometimes, people choose the wrong kinds of attention to fulfill their needs, and we hope that when people hear this song, they’re able to disassociate themselves with negative kinds of love, attention, or affection that they are pursuing and are able to bring themselves into a place of positive energy and healing.” – Mars IX

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Listen to “Nicotine” Below.

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