[PROGRESSIVE HOUSE] Ryn Weaver – Stay Low (Maor Levi Remix)

[PROGRESSIVE HOUSE] Ryn Weaver – Stay Low (Maor Levi Remix)

[PROGRESSIVE HOUSE] Ryn Weaver – Stay Low (Maor Levi Remix)



You might know the deal–the clock is edging toward that time of  night when your bed seems extra empty, and you’ve had just enough whiskey and lemons to give you the courage to call that person who keeps invading your slightly buzzed thoughts to come over and remedy the solitude. No matter the gratification it may bring in the moment, there’s always something more than a little empty about the situation. When I listened to the lovely Ryn Weaver‘s “Stay Low,” I can envision her in just that predicament…but imagine if she went to a rave to find her prince instead of staying at home. That’s where Maor Levi comes in.

The ability to take mesmerizing female vocals and sample them on a track that can summon people onto their feet is the mark of a successful remix master, and few in the game do it better than Maor Levi. Mr. Levi has successfully infused his signature “step” in everything from Gabriel & Dresden’s “Play it Back” (one of my personal favorites), to Coldplay, to tracks by fellow Anjunabeats labelists Mat Zo and Above & Beyond. His newest creation, an emotional yet upbeat rendition Weaver’s “Stay Low,” is no exception. The original track is filled with slow and sultry yearning, which Levi captures but makes into something much more club or (dare I say) bedroom action-worthy by speeding up the vocal sampling and layering it over an oscillating bassline, electro synths and a wonderfully upbeat crescendo.

I imagine Ryn Weaver’s tracks going much the same way as Lana del Rey’s have in the EDM scene–shimmering downtempo melodies for those gloomy days transformed into inspirative tracks that retain the beauty of the original vocals but give the song an entirely new feel.

Best of all, it’s a free download, so add it as a staple to your Maor Levi remix collection.

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