Tabitha Booth’s Emotive & Evocative Music Video “Death By Bridge”

Tabitha Booth’s Emotive & Evocative Music Video “Death By Bridge”

Tabitha Booth’s Emotive & Evocative Music Video “Death By Bridge”


Tabitha Booth represents that rare one-of-a-kind artist, beyond your average copycat and one-hit-wonder performers, in large part because this Boonton, NJ, native shares her spiritual journey through music in ways that make you sit up and take notice.

“Death By Bridge,” Booth’s music video, transports us into the realm of personal pain through which we experience palpable sensations of loss and its ensuing depression. Based on personal experiences of grief, despair, and rage, Booth shepherds us through the range of emotions normally felt as part of the human condition.

Rather than leaving us stuck there, however, Booth guides us gently through such poignant crises as death via tender lyrics that spark empathy and hope for the future. Hope that we can all rise above our pain, reach up and out toward the light of day, find ourselves, and begin to live again.

Consistently aware of the cycles of life, and spiritually tuned in to the benefits of creative release, Booth recognizes the power of music to transform grief and pain into hope. In “Death By Bridge” she utilizes songwriting as a means to create a cathartic bond with her audience for the purpose of providing intense emotional release.

It’s the uniqueness of this work that catapults Booth to a level where transmutation takes place. Listening to her music allows the elevation of one’s psyche to a more meditative state, through which emotional alchemy may be sustained and the listener forever positively changed.

Booth’s work reinforces for us that death is neither final nor absolute. Rather, death merely represents yet another stage in our soul’s journey and serves as a metaphor for new beginnings. In that sense, Booth takes on the mantle of a unique songwriter, urging us all to relax into the process rather than spend time fearing or resisting it.

In all, “Death By Bridge” serves as a catalyst, a launching point of a tale of much grander things to come. The track represents a strong opening for a forthcoming album by Booth that lays ahead. Tabitha has also recently has come to the conclusion of her coast to coast tour across the country to support the release of her video. The tour began in Clifton, New Jersey and found its way tearing up through Seattle, Washington down to Portland, Oregon that came into a pivotal landing sponsored by The Algonquin Collective in Asheville, North Carolina. Embrace All That Is Good.

“Death By Bridge” can be found on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and iHeart Radio, to name just a few. Booth credits Lisa Gerrard, Beth Gibbons, Florence Welsh, Stevie Nicks, and Norah Jones as primary early vocal inspirations, & combines her eclectic early influences of metal, classical, folk, classic rock, & electronic music into what she calls an ethereal folk/avant-garde genre.

Watch “Death By Bridge” Below.

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