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Lets Eat Grandma Construct Epic Pop Anthems On Their New Release “I’m All Ears”

The name is correct British teenagers Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth said they chose the controversial moniker because of the humorous comma placement error that drastically changes the meaning of “lets eat, grandma.” By now they must be sick of their band name being the focal point of discussion around their music (their age is […]

GOLDHOUSE & CAPPA Beg You “Don’t Go” In Returning Single

After all the times you said “Don’t Go”, how did you end up so far away? Can we hold on to the good times and what’s left? Time moves on, marching forward invincible. We are not as immune – words lose meaning like leaves drifting off trees each season. Don’t believe me? What were your […]

[MONTHLY] Love Lobotomy: Best Sounds of 11.2013

Sometimes these mind hills be dark, yo. Well, anyone who follows The Sights and Sounds, and in particular my posts, might know that are music selections certainly steer more towards the darker side of the pop universe. Happiness, after all, is just a concept you explore once the mind has gone to mush. But in […]