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[SYNTH POP] Vicktor Taiwo – “Feathers & Wax”

I already let you fall once. This is another green world.  I had fallen but I stood, on shaking, hesitant legs, but I stood nonetheless, on greener ground. It was the fall that brought me here. This place where I said I could ‘find myself’, the ‘real me’. I notice how the line between delusional […]

[MONTHLY] Go To War: Best Sounds of 12.2013

Go to war: against the dervish monkey on your back stabbing you in the kidney, against the racing thoughts gallavanting in your head until they spill out your eyes, against the general unwilligness to fucking change. Some people use the last playlist of the year to reflect and bask in their general wondrousness–which, you know, […]

[SYNTH/TRAP] Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble (APSPDR+ Cover)

What’s initially remarkable about this song–and it’s tragic that I even have to mention this, but get ready for a classic “Kavit Throwing the Hammer Down” moment—but APSPDR+ didn’t feel the need to alter the song’s gender narrative, and sang it with such sincerity regardless that you really feel it in your loins. I’m contemptuous of musicians who feel the […]