Surrender “Kontrol” To The Epic Deep House Vibes Of FOXTRAP

Surrender “Kontrol” To The Epic Deep House Vibes Of FOXTRAP

Surrender “Kontrol” To The Epic Deep House Vibes Of FOXTRAP


Deep reverberations pulse from somewhere underground – your mind takes flight.

FOXTRAP has you under its control, or is it really the other way around?

Imagine endless windswept plains of ice, barren as far as the eye can see. Below your feet a bass drum booms forward, lightning cracks in the ice as icebergs sheer behind you. A path forward, relentlessly.

“Out here, out here, the road is winding.”

Off in the distance a voice calls, a muse – her piercingly frail melody takes control of your limbs, pressing forward despite all efforts otherwise. Reluctantly you surrender to the pressure – it’s easier that way.

FOXTRAP’s new single “Kontrol” is an epic journey through jagged landscapes and deeply rooted basslines, leading lady Helen’s searing vocals the only thing keeping you warm through the icy lyrical undertones.

Stream FOXTRAP – Kontrol below:

FOXTRAP are an enticing recipe of indie, electronica, techno and a large dash of soaring, hypnotic female vocals. Their live shows take you on a winding journey, from ambient and smooth, to soaring ecstasy, to high energy infectious synth beats, pulsing bass and explosive crescendos amplified by entrancing live visuals that engulf your senses and lull you into a trance. Leading lady Helen commands the stage, wearing ethereal outfits designed to enhance her mesmerizing, seductive swaying, leaving the audience completely at the mercy of her haunting, climactic vocals.

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