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Bobby Nourmand Journeys Deeper In Two-Track ‘Subterranean’ EP

The dictionary definition of ‘subterranean’ is: existing, occurring, or done under the face of the earth. So get ready to get deep, Bobby Nourmand isn’t here to play around on surface level with his latest work. His recent self-expression comes in the form of a dark two-piece EP that debuts his Deep in The Night […]

Bobby Nourmand’s ‘Prisoner’ Will Set You Free

Queue the ominous piano chords and enter heartbeats full of bass, Bobby Nourmand’s brand new single ‘Prisoner’ will set you free. For his first release of 2018, Bobby Nourmand is breaking out a groovy house track with unchained, soulful vocals by Laurent John and highly impassioned lyrics. There is something to be said about this breed of […]

[DEEP HOUSE] Bobby Nourmand – “S I S T E R”

“It’s a nice day to start again.” – Billy Idol, “White Wedding” It’s a nice night to start again. Cheers night owls, batmans, daredevils, hackers, and after party attackers. Always been a night person. I think it comes from my fascination with hackers and back when I was a kid I spent countless all nighters […]

[DEEP HOUSE] Bobby Nourmand – “S M O K I N’ J O E” (Radio Edit)

Chalk it up to another late night. Something just so comfortable about working in the dark. The world is quieter now, no distractions to busy my wandering thoughts. It’s as if the universe becomes just a little less chaotic, slower, giving the moon and I time to catch up. In another place, the world is […]

[DEEP HOUSE] The Beatles – “Because” (Bobby Nourmand Remix) [Free Download]

“Because the world is round it turns me on” And why not? This world is a fucking beautiful place. Amidst the atrocities we as humans have created on this planet, there are still places that exist ‘just because’. They are beautiful places, sanctuaries of meditation, galleries of abstract frescoes and swaths of color, tapestries of […]