Bobby Nourmand’s ‘Prisoner’ Will Set You Free

Bobby Nourmand’s ‘Prisoner’ Will Set You Free

Bobby Nourmand’s ‘Prisoner’ Will Set You Free


Queue the ominous piano chords and enter heartbeats full of bass, Bobby Nourmand’s brand new single ‘Prisoner’ will set you free.

For his first release of 2018, Bobby Nourmand is breaking out a groovy house track with unchained, soulful vocals by Laurent John and highly impassioned lyrics. There is something to be said about this breed of captivating music that emancipates you from, well, yourself. The words tell me I’m a prisoner, but the music makes me feel otherwise.

Low-down beats and minor notes breach the deeply emotional burrows that ‘Prisoner‘ manages to unlock. Inside the empty cell is a neatly unfastened padlock where vulnerability was once held hostage. What I’m trying to say is: Bobby put his whole self into this track and it’s damn clear he bled all over it. Here’s what he had to say on the emotional impact of writing this song:

“Hearing the vocals live gave me goosebumps. It was actually hard to play the piano while listening to the lyrics; one of the most powerful moments in my career as a musician. Talk about catharsis. I had to take a moment to breathe while writing this.”

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