Oscar Del Amor Hatches ‘Butterfly Feels’ EP, a Metamorphosis of Senses

Oscar Del Amor Hatches ‘Butterfly Feels’ EP, a Metamorphosis of Senses

Oscar Del Amor Hatches ‘Butterfly Feels’ EP, a Metamorphosis of Senses


There’s something fluttering in the depths of my belly, drawing me closer to a metamorphosis of sense and sound. It’s happening now. I’m ready.

Like hatching into the final stage of becoming, Oscar Del Amor dreams up his five track EP, Butterfly Feels. As beautiful as it is to become a butterfly, it often goes unseen how painful it can be to burst out of a cocoon. It’s apparent in his new EP that Oscar is recreating the rollercoaster of emotions that flicker and throb with love. Whether it is lost or found, the “feels” are charmingly and forever understood as butterflies in your tummy.

Listen to Butterfly Feels‘ here!

Oscar morphs elements of pop, trap, club, and electronica without sacrificing the unique sense of forward thinking indie electronic that he can call his own. Each track on the EP features different vocalists and compliments the variations that bloom in every creation. On songs like “Who We Really Are,” the youthful expression of freedom is bright, hopeful, and cherished in the sweet vocals of Anya V. As an opening tune, the bouncy build places listeners on an utter high, dancing with ambition on a sun-kissed beach – as seen in the music video.

By the the time you’ve reached song five, bursts of electronic-pop and downtempo slurs have flooded and left the body, leaving you with a wanting desire to “Stay Around.” Vocalist Yasmyn Andrade acts as the ethereal voice of that one love interest of yours, singing to you and only you. It’s the type of closing song that assures you the butterflies in your stomach have grown past the heartache and tickle softly, deep into the heart.

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