[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Out On Top 10 Trance Tracks For March 2017

[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Out On Top 10 Trance Tracks For March 2017

[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Out On Top 10 Trance Tracks For March 2017


Every month, we’ll take a look back at the top 10 trance tracks that shook our world from the previous 4 weeks. This is a no fuss curation of some of the biggest sounds from around the world in the trance scene – enjoy and dig in!


1. Sean Tyas Feat. Deirdre McLaughlin – Supernatural

Sean Tyas is back at it again with a killer psy-influenced track on FSOE!  Driving trance at its best! 

2. Will Atkinson – Awake

I’m a huge fan of the VII crew and what they’ve been releasing lately.  Awake is one of those tracks that bridges the gap between the warm up and peak hour.  

3. Simon Patterson – Spike

Another imprint from VII, Spike is next-level crazy powerful.  Very very way much stronger.  This psy-tech track is one of the most energetic peak-hour tracks I’ve heard in a while!

4. Whiteout – Forces

I’ve always been a huge ASOT fan and this track delivers their classic sound to the fullest.  Reminiscent of some of the best GAIA tracks, “Forces” combines soaring vocals, pumping pads, and epic drums in a single instant-classic.

5. Shugz – End Product

This classic trance-influenced track brings it all together with a killer breakdown, plucky synths, and solid drive.  This one will definitely end up in my sets!

6. Ahmed Romel vs. A&Z – Revive

Another classic trance-inspired track, Revive is tearing up the charts.  Love the sound design on those detuned plucks – really nice work!

7. Liquid Soul – Cydonia

I don’t know how he does it, but Liquid Soul cranks out yet another monster psy track with “Cydonia”.  Unstoppable.  Expect this one to show up at psy trance festivals soon!

8. Sneijder – Outsider

Another absolute banger from Sneijder, “Outsider” links up an awesome melodic breakdown with hard hitting builds and breaks.  And that last build – monstrous!  An absolute must-have! 

9. UCast – Icy

Emotional uplifting track from UCast, who’s gaining some real traction.  He just played a show in Minneapolis and hopefully will be visiting a city near you soon.

10. Sean Matthews – Our Empire (John Askew Remix)

For good measure, he’s one of my favorite remixes at the moment.  John Askew kills this remix bringing in a solid acid bassline to drive the tune hard.  And guess what?  It’s FREE!  

Did we miss any top trance tunes for March? Let us know in the comments below!


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