[QUICK MIX – MINIMAL HOUSE] atish – Afterparty Groove 065

[QUICK MIX – MINIMAL HOUSE] atish – Afterparty Groove 065

[QUICK MIX – MINIMAL HOUSE] atish – Afterparty Groove 065


In all honesty I came across atish only recently. However, I was immediately taken by the approachability of his music. It’s something you can put on and just enjoy for hours with no stopping. Music doesn’t have to overpower the room but can decorate your experience with style and class. 065 is interesting in that it’s not quite trance even though that’s what atish specializes in. It’s a little faster than trance; it mixes things up before you get stuck in that hypnotically redundant pulse, but is still far from distracting if you have other things to do that need your full attention.

065 has got some extra energy that comes in waves and can play to many different situations, however, it still delivers a dose of chill when the right moment hits. If you get an extra hour where you just want to groove I’d recommend streaming the below immediately, and if you like what you hear, go search for his other stuff on Soundcloud.

“Happy new year, my friends.
Given the nature of my gigs and timeslots over the last few months, I’ve been buying and playing a lot of “club music” which has been reflected in the sets I’ve been releasing. I love playing dance floor tunes, but I’m still collecting music I love that’s fit for at-home listening, opening slots, and afterhours…most of which has been sitting untouched in my music collection these last few months.”

“So it’s been nice taking the time to do this studio mix that dusts off the tunes that haven’t been getting any love. The glitchy, ambient, lofi-housey, and minimal stripped grooves. Some things that are slightly different than what I’ve been playing, slightly different than what you’ve been hearing. Hope you dig.” -atish


[00:00] Kulakostas – Spin [Igloo Pop , 2014]
[05:00] Doob, Renato Ratier – Trippy [D.EDGE RECORDS, 2016]
[08:00] Bengal – Fractal Dust [Manjumasi, 2017]
[12:00] FRITZ KALKBRENNER – A Good Day [SUOL, 2016]
[16:00] DOMAR – ЯA.MOD – Gruven [Kolour Recordings, 2016]
[21:00] Laurence Guy – Wish I Knew [Church, 2016]
[25:00] Jan Mir – Erzhaide (Jay Shepheard Remix) [ Ritter Butzke Studio, 2016]
[30:00] Vincent Casanova – Hustle [Tzinah Records, 2016]
[36:00] Olin, Savile – Thanks, Karl (Savile Version) [Argot/Tasteful Nudes, 2015]
[40:00] Aparde – Vast [ Lenient Tales, 2016]
[45:00] Jimi Jules – Paul [Zukunft Recordings, 2016]
[51:00] atish – Twiddles [Manjumasi, 2017]


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