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[POP/HOUSE] The Chainsmokers – “Paris”


In the beginning of the lyric video for their newest single Paris, The Chainsmokers define the song title as “a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine” and “an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams.” While the same could be easily said of the famous city most commonly associated with the name, the intent here is perhaps, a bit more subtle.

Paris, both sonically and lyrically, reflects the state of much of today’s youth who are incapable of dealing with reality, constantly craving an escape. Also, like much of today’s youth, the tune itself is a slow burner; a sonic statement of sorts that is often pleasant to the senses upon the first try, but one that is unsure of the direction it’s really trying to take.

Given the lyrical content; however, the focus on guitars rather than synths, makes sense. It’s hard to imagine a song that could be just as easily interpreted as a social commentary as well as a temporary swim in a pool on a hot summer day, to sound like it was made more for the club rather than the beach. Perhaps, that’s why the use of Instagram model, Alexis Ren, makes more sense in the lyrics video than anything else as, let’s face it, the track itself feels a bit underwhelming, at times. Let’s hope this is move that is more calculated then Alex and Drew are willing to admit, and Paris, is just a temporary stop on a road leading to a massive banger coming soon this spring!





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