[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Our Top 10 Most Danceable Trance Tracks For May 2017

[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Our Top 10 Most Danceable Trance Tracks For May 2017

[TRANCE] Don’t Miss Our Top 10 Most Danceable Trance Tracks For May 2017


Every month, we’ll take a look back at the top 10 trance tracks that shook our world from the previous 4 weeks. This is a no fuss curation of some of the biggest sounds from around the world in the trance scene – enjoy and dig in!

The Top Trance May 2017 – Tracks 1-5


1. Simon Patterson – Opulence

Simon brings the heat again with this track out now on VII.  He’s back at it with his signature NuPsy style.  This track fits well into a blazing tech trance, psy, and uplifting set with no trouble.

2. Indecent Noise – Dolores

I can’t get enough of this breakdown.  Its eerie voice over fits the mood perfectly while the track seems to slow time.  Then, the drop comes back in after a giant build up.  It’s a nice transition track into that peak hour mood.

3. Sonic Species vs X-NoiZe – Euphoria

I love progressive psy.  I love NuPsy.  So when you bring the two together, this is the track.  Absolute banger and can’t wait to drop this at my next show.

4. Heatbeat presents Stacker – Omellete Paradise

This Argentinian duo has been making waves lately with their updated sound.  I’m digging what they’ve been up to and this track is no different.  It’s funky and trance-y but also brings in some of those psy and acid elements.

5. ManMadeMan & Tristan – I Am Alien

MadMadeMan is no stranger to psy trance – the duo has been around since 1994.  This track with Tristan, another of my favorite artists at the moment, is a real trip.  Those vocals will take you down the rabbit hole!

The Top Trance: May 2017 Tracks 6-10

6. Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland – Super Cool 

Tempo Giusto did it again with another awesome release on Outburst.  He’s back with his signature tech trance sound with a little funk to spice it up.  Mid-evening or late night, this is definitely a killer tune.

7. Sneijder – Vaporize

Vaporize is a bit of a departure from what I usually expect from Sneijder – it’s a little more techy than trance.  But I’m sure a fan of this new release.  Especially now that some of the techno greats are incorporating more trance/ tech trance into their sets just like this one.  Techno?  Trance?  Who cares.  Great track regardless of labels.

8. Djantrix & Modual – Back to the Rituals

This is a real full on psy trance monster.  Not for the faint of heart.  This is one of those very late in the night psy tracks that’ll make your head spin.

9. John Askew – Black Coffee

I’m entirely in love with this track.  Not that I’m ever surprised from a John Askew release on VII.  It has a killer NuPsy intro followed by a beautiful, plucky breakdown.  This is trance at its best for me.

10. Marc Simz – Forbidden City (Casey Rasch remix)

Great sound design on this track.  The plucky synths are a really nice touch.  It reminds me of what I think the future sounds like.  Great builds and breakdown.


Did we miss any top trance tunes for May? Let us know in the comments below!


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