[TRANCE] Connect With Our Top 10 Trance Tracks For April 2017

[TRANCE] Connect With Our Top 10 Trance Tracks For April 2017

[TRANCE] Connect With Our Top 10 Trance Tracks For April 2017


Every month, we’ll take a look back at the top 10 trance tracks that shook our world from the previous 4 weeks. This is a no fuss curation of some of the biggest sounds from around the world in the trance scene – enjoy and dig in!

The Top Trance Tracks Of April:


1. Dido – Thank You (Mike Squillio Remix)

This is an awesome remix of such a classic.  The definition of how a trance remix should be – big classic vibes interspersed with Dido’s iconic voice.
Also – it’s a free download!



2. Will Rees – Escalate
Solid track coming out of Outburst Twilight.  Best way I can describe it – pumpy, hard hitting tech trance.  It’s a great transition track right into peak hour.


3. Black XS – Premonition (David Forbes Relift)
Start off techy, trippy, and dark.  The middle gets you with solid uplifting synths.  Then back to that trip.  It’s another really nice transition track.


4. Paul Denton – Splinter
I love that plucky breakdown!  This track’s got some great tension right in the middle prepping you for a long build into a great drop.  Nice peak hour techno track.


5. Alex van ReeVe & F.G. Noise – Madness
Here’s another solid, driving trance track.  Big fan of the acid bassline combined with the plucks and stabs.  It makes it a much harder track than the ‘pure trance’ sound.


6. Ben Gold & Standerwick – Vendetta
Standerwick and Ben Gold have both been on a roll lately.  After many plays at ASOT 800 festivals and on A State of Trance, the track is finally out.  I’d use this as an early play in an uplifting set at peak hour.


The Top Trance Tracks Of April Cont’d:


7. Honan – Never Surrender
Monster Tunes put out another giant track with Never Surrender.  The absolutely brutal drop on this track will crush the dance floor.  It’s dirty, it’s grimy, it’s perfect.


8. Steve Allen – Horus
Steve is back at it with another great uplifting track purely in the style that he delivers so well.  The breakdown’s signature pianos are unmistakably trance.  It’s hard for this track to not put a smile on your face.
9. Circuit Breakers- Commies (Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix)
Here’s one for all you psy trance fans out there.  This progressive psy track brings the psychadelic out with the solid build ups and rolling bass line.  It’s not one of those ‘hands in the air’ tracks but rather flows for its entire length.


10. Chris Schewizer – Loaded
Some of you aren’t afraid of 138.  But are you afraid of 140?  This blazing track’s long build harnesses that tension on the floor until its huge release into the drop.  Chris did great work on this one!

Did we miss any top trance tunes for March? Let us know in the comments below!


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