Ben Dragon’s Supernatural Selection EP Gets Naughty

Ben Dragon’s Supernatural Selection EP Gets Naughty

Ben Dragon’s Supernatural Selection EP Gets Naughty


Prepare for your ear drums to be abducted by Ben Dragon’s EP Supernatural Selection. The tech house DJ and producer follows up his debut Sexx Tape release off his own imprint Fire To My Ears Records, and as the kids are sayin’ these days – it’s lit.


Hailing from Los Angeles, Ben Dragon harnesses influence from Chicago, London, and his very own home town for the 4-track, sophomore EP that he’s recently released. Entering into Ben’s infectious bass waves is reminiscent of boarding the mothership with early house and techno pioneers through the space time continuum. It will beg your attention at direct (laser) gun point, blasting rays of some oddly seductive vocal samples.



“May I have your attention please. This is the intergalactic police. We’d like to remind you that standing still on the dance floor in a criminal offense. We ask that you put your hands high in the air where we can clearly see.”


Consider the first track, “Pump & Shake” the beginning of your sonic probing. You have been warned by the intergalactic police. Not that you need much of a warning for how hard this track makes you want to both pump and shake. You have my attention officer sexy. Quick question though – what’s the punishment for standing still? 😉


“I met this girl, she’s from very far away. She said she came to earth ’cause she heard we got bass. I took her to the club and we danced the night away. That’s how I fell in love with the girl from outer space.”


Weirder is better and shit gets weird when you go to outer space…a little sexy too.

We were dancing at the club and well, the grinding got pretty hot and, I thought her name sounded kind of funny over the music. Turns out she was speaking another language. “The Girl From Outer Space” must have been using some kind of futuristic synthesized boops and bops to achieve mind control  because I’m in love (with her). The slow, eerie build ups followed by dripping liquid drops are FAR OUT!



There’s a glimpse of the first two songs on the EP for you. Take the full trip on your own here. Ben Dragon’s Supernatural Selection EP is available for stream and download now! Be sure to check him out in his residency at Hood Franklin.

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