[WATCH] Chicago DJs Spun A 7 Hour Daft Punk Tribute Set For Boiler Room

[WATCH] Chicago DJs Spun A 7 Hour Daft Punk Tribute Set For Boiler Room

[WATCH] Chicago DJs Spun A 7 Hour Daft Punk Tribute Set For Boiler Room


While the duo may be elusive, Daft Punk never seems to escape the limelight. Tour rumors and video teases keep ardent fans glued to their computers. So, will the French DJs reunite any time soon? Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, Daft Punk’s album Homework turns 20 this January. The album was a seminal piece dance music history and it remains one of the most singular albums in the history of electronic music.

It also features the track “teachers,” on which the duo shouts out their most prominent influences; George Clinton, Jeff Mills, and Dr. Dre all make the cut. In commemoration of Homework, now two decades old, Boiler room hosted a seven hour long Chicago tribute event to Daft Punk, which was fittingly titled “Teachers.” It features some of the homegrown Chicago house DJs that Daft Punk originally shouted out on the track.

The set featured six of the best Teachers from the city; Paul Johnson, Mike Dearborn, Glenn Underground, Boo Williams all spun at the event. Not to mention that Chicago house-heads were also graced with a back-to-back set from DJ Pierre and DJ Hyperactive, two of house music’s most prominent influencers.

After releasing Random Access Memories to widespread critical acclaim Daft Punk remained out of sight, but fans remained vigilant. As tour rumors escalated hype began to grow. Would this be the holy year? Alas, the duo did not make their return to the festival circuit in 2013. This year Daft Punk collaborated with The Weeknd on two tracks from his newest album Starbooy. Notably, 2017 is the ten year anniversary of the Alive 2007 tour. The live show was praised by Pitchfork Media as “a much-needed reminder of the still-potent power of communicative pop.”

While there is little evidence to prove that Daft Punk will return in 2017, they remain close to our hearts. If we can’t have an Alive 2017 reunion tour think of this as a consolation prize.

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