City Hearts Festival: The Desert Hearts Metropolis Guinea Pig

City Hearts Festival: The Desert Hearts Metropolis Guinea Pig

City Hearts Festival: The Desert Hearts Metropolis Guinea Pig


Photos by Jessica Bernstein


The Desert Hearts crew ran some tests in Los Angeles this weekend with the urban genesis of their City Hearts Festival in Downtown – and the experiment was a success.


Considering the creative shades of art, fashion, music, and culture written into the city’s landscape, it only made sense for City Hearts to land in the half filthy, half glamorous metropolis of DTLA. With luxurious high rise buildings towering above cracked asphalt streets like a fur-coated raver stumbling across a rocky dance floor, Los Angeles is just the right kind of rugged metaphor for a desert festival transplant.


Is it just Los Angeles though? Or is it any city-scape that favors the DH environment so flawlessly? One thing we know for sure is that Desert Hearts can land virtually anywhere and bring House, Techno, Love and tirelessly fun times with them. Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and all the friends have a presence about them that is unstoppable. But there is something more to be said about bringing some dust bunny love to the city.



Here’s the hypothesis.


If you join two unlike environments that possess similar interests, they will play nice together. 🙂





Two dissimilar locations that contrast each other in many ways. Desert Hearts found a way to offer the same experience to the city despite setting. The same electrifying grins that find harmony in the movement of LED hula hoops and synchronized poi motions now trek through the wasteland of Los Angeles just as they do Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. It doesn’t need to be LA though – any city offers the same experience I think. Rather, any (major) city that shares the love of art, experimentation, change, and of course House & Techno!



Here’s the conclusion.


The way I see it, DTLA was simply the test subject. Hanging festival shade structures between trees emerging from concrete sidewalks is no experience exclusive to Los Angeles. Nor is the mesmerizing backdrop of reflective skyscrapers that mirrored images of swirling cotton candy sky, all surrounding the tiny universe burrowed in the grounds of LA Center Studios. Does this take away from the City of Angels? Of course not. Nevertheless, it certainly opens up the door to City Hearts in other cities.


Desert Hearts Crew,

Please just promise any prospective locations will have sunsets like the one that glittered the sky on that first and forever most fateful City Hearts LA! <3


I’d love to hear all the stories and experiences of the first DH (or are we about to start saying CH?) festival to grace my home of Los Angeles. Tell us about your experience at City Hearts in the comments below!

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