In my opinion, there’s nothing like some deep, dark techno. It’s trance’s evil twin, in a way; techno feels slightly sinister and decadent when compared to trance’s uplifting melodies, yet both of them share the same musical DNA. Techno is pure energy throughout, whilst trance has a story, but techno should never be without intricate depth. A proper techno track will convey a distinct feeling with no words whatsoever.
This is exactly what newcomer Matias Busato has managed to accomplish with his premier single, “La Oscuridad.” I first listened to the track while visiting family on holiday, in the middle of a frigid northeastern winter, which very much contrasted with my usual beachside life at home.
It was mid-afternoon, but my blinds were still drawn all the way down. Not that it mattered; the sun barely shines here this time of year, and it’s fickle if and when it does, appearing as a faint glow behind the nearly constant and impermeable cloud cover. Gusts of wind howl against the angles of the house, as if angry that it dares to sit atop its little hill, surrounded by naked oaks and immortal pines. Inside remains a comfortable temperature for most, but I can feel the cold from outside seeping through the best of man’s efforts at insulation; it resonates in my bones. The gloom becomes a part of me with every passing tick, tick, tick of the clock.
And that tick, tick, tick melts into the opening of “La Oscuridad,” at first accompanied by seemingly disjointed, nature-inspired sounds before the heavy bass kicks in. Then they all become intricately layered in a cacophonous melody that reminds me of a dark, forbidden forest coming alive at night.
The adventure to come lies in the culmination of the track, one that I can see doing some serious damage in the dark basement clubs and techno warehouses where the very floor reverberates with the bass, driving the crowd into a frenzy.
Even if you didn’t know that the translation of “La Oscuridad” is “the darkness,” one can imagine Busato holed up while producing the track during the most brutal of Toronto winters. “It was freezing cold every day and the sun would set at 4 p.m.–yeah I know, real depressing, you have got to love Toronto for that! My vision from the track definitely came from what I was surrounded by at the time, and resulted in a super heavy and dark sound.”
There is a sinister and yet thrilling feel to Busato’s music, and I can understand why he says his favorite producers include minimalist techno kings Richie Hawtin, Pan Pot, and Adam Beyer.

“Every time I hear their music or DJ sets I get goose bumps, which is something I want people to experience when I play.”

Busato possesses diverse artistic talents, which further help establish him as a stand-out at a time when many young DJs are brought up solely in the digital realm of music. The Argentinean-Canadian began his personal musical career at age 8 by playing guitar, then played in some rock and metal bands in high school before beginning to experiment with creating and producing his own music in college. He also enjoys design work, and even developed his label’s website.
Busato released his first original track on ALL BLAK Records, a small label that houses a handful of up-and-coming DJs each with their own unique sound.”We don’t have someone telling what we can and cannot do; there is so much freedom of expression,” Busato says.

“Being a part of All Blak, we are able to break certain rules because we want to be different and stand out from the rest, and I like that I can be a part of that.”

When he’s not making music, Matias describes himself as a “pretty normal guy,” and enjoys spending time with friends, family and eating Pho–his favorite winter comfort food. For the record, he assures me that he has no deformities.
For more Matias, check out his Switch Closing Set and After Dark Mix, which I’ve been jamming to in the gym and on my long daily commute.
With any luck, we will be hearing more from Matias Busato and All Blak Records in the near future. Viva la techno!

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