[ELECTRO/HOUSE] The Aston Shuffle – “Can’t Stop Now” (Special Features Remix)

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] The Aston Shuffle – “Can’t Stop Now” (Special Features Remix)

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] The Aston Shuffle – “Can’t Stop Now” (Special Features Remix)


[ELEECTRO/HOUSE] The Aston Shuffle - "Can't Stop Now" (Special Features Remix)

The middle of the week is coming up and that’s always a tough one to get through. Depending on if you’re a glass half empty or full type of person, you either have half your work done for the week or half your work left. The viewpoint is up to you, but let us offer some helpful sounds to give you that extra bit of energy regardless of your mental outlook.

UK producer/DJ Special Features has taken The Aston Shuffle‘s driving new single “Can’t Stop Now” and given it a massive boost of electro house suited for stadium sized audiences. While the progression of the vocals over a slow build is nothing new in the EDM world, Special Features’ mix has a nostalgic sound built into the track that I can’t quite get my finger on, but it reminds of endless summer nights bouncing around Chicago to the sounds of great music, with great friends. Enjoy below.



Watch for the official release of “Can’t Stop Now” on July 29th via Casablanca/Republic in the US and September 16th via Outsiders/Polydor in the UK/EUR.

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