[ELECTRO/SYNTH] Santigold – “Disparate Youth” (Jacuzzi Remix)

[ELECTRO/SYNTH] Santigold – “Disparate Youth” (Jacuzzi Remix)

[ELECTRO/SYNTH] Santigold – “Disparate Youth” (Jacuzzi Remix)


[ELECTRO/SYNTH] Santigold - "Disparate Youth" (Jacuzzi Remix)

“Disparate Youth” was one of my favorite songs last year, hands down. And, oh, to hear and watch Santigold perform it live in front of thousands of gyrating fans is an experience in and of itself as “Disparate Youth” calls for us to strive towards a new understanding of life and culture: a life worth fighting for. The musicality underlies how hard, heart pounding, and repetitive these efforts are, have been, and will continue to be. But the dreamy quality evokes that idea that we need to work towards, and a dream we can achieve, because the odds are now standing with us.

Honolulu based Jacuzzi has taken those driving, almost revolutionary ideologies and, with all due respect, strapped a fat ass onto them, dropping in some military style snares and orchestral elements at the beginning before letting lose with hip-hop inspired beats. I didn’t think the single could get much better, but shit, Jacuzzi really pulled of an unique direction for the track that adds bounce and energy while keeping the flair and drive of the original.

Compare the remix and original versions of “Disparate Youth” below and head over to Jacuzzi’s Soundcloud page to grab a free download.



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