[NEWS] 5 Reasons Why You Must Go to Eric Prydz’s EPIC 4.0

[NEWS] 5 Reasons Why You Must Go to Eric Prydz’s EPIC 4.0

[NEWS] 5 Reasons Why You Must Go to Eric Prydz’s EPIC 4.0



“Very soon…”

How soon is “soon”?  This must be the most common complaint among Eric Prydz‘s super-fan following. Mr. Prydz– also known as Pryda, also known as Cirez D, also known as “Vader D” among his devoted techno followers–is notoriously enigmatic about his releases. He has been taunting us for months now about three massive announcements: his Cirez D EP, his original artist album, and–perhaps most importantly–EPIC 4.0. Well, it’s been a fantastic week for Prydz fans so far, with (almost) all three questions answered.

On Monday, Vader D gave us the Volume D EP, five original tracks of deep techno bliss that he has been teasing in shows and on his new Beats One radio show. Previously, Cirez D has made chameos during some special Prydz performances (such as an especially dark set during Escape Halloween this year), but the official EP hints that Cirez might be emerging from the shadows more often. “Voided” and “Rise” are my personal Listen to and buy the Volume D EP here on Beatport.

To further stir his fans, Eric announced a release date of February 5th, 2016 for his official artist album, titled OPUS, as well as phase one dates for his EPIC 4.0 tour. Don’t get me started on his track “Opus,” but with over 30 releases this year alone, Eric never diappoints. The Swedish producer has become absolutely iconic in both the widespread house and underground techno circuits alike; his versatility proves his genius as he maneuvers from Pryda’s progressive house, to Cirez’s darker techno, to the sing-a-long anthems such as “Every Day” that even your mom might recognize.

EPIC 4.0 consists of five shows from coast to coast of the United States, with dates in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  That being said, here are five reasons you should make an EPIC show among your top priorities in 2016:

1. Be among the first to experience his newest music live
This goes for released and unreleased material. For any Prydz fan, this means tracks from his new album and countless IDs. It’s well known that Eric is not among the lazy EDM DJs who record sets for the “sake of special effects.” A live Prydz show is a truly live show, and one can only imagine what may come out of it. Who wants to bet that a unique masterpiece will emerge from each venue? Get ready to be searching for rips of that “Armory ID” soon enough.

2. The astounding holograms, lasers, and 3D technology
EPIC 3.0 boasted the world’s largest hologram.  If the trippy image of Eric’s head that you clicked on to get here isn’t enough, I’m not sure what is… And On/Off Laser Beams.  And the classic Personal Jesus church visuals, which is my personal all-time favorite light show.  I’ll leave it there.

3. Eric claims EPIC 4.0 has had a facelift
According to Pryda himself, the new events have been “redesigned from the ground up” while keeping the core elements that had fans swooning over the first three tours. EPIC 3.0 was a stand-alone spectacle of unprecedented size and production from which Eric supposedly lost significant profits. 2.0 spanned multiple cities and some of the same iconic venues with drool-worthy presentation. One can only speculate what he has up his sleeve for us, but I know I want to be there to witness it.

4. Possible Pryda Friends
Well, more probable than possible. Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay (RIP Mau5ville) were the opening support for EPIC 2.0; their b2b set  from the Hammerstein Ballroom still remains one of my favorites. The Pryda Friends crew has included amazing artists from Maceo Plex to Adam Beyer across the years, so my guess is that there will be some awesome support coming out of the woodwork in the Phase II announcement.

5. Will there be an EPIC 5.0?
Nobody knows. We’ll find out the answer…soon…

Eric Prydz – EPIC 4.0 Phase 1
New York City – Terminal 5 – 02/13 & 02/14
Los Angeles – Palladium – 02/19 & 02/20
San Francisco – The Armory –  02/27

Tickets go on sale Friday 12/4 at noon PST.   Visit http://www.ericprydz.tv/ for more information.



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