Things Are “Strange But True” In Western Scene’s Indie-Rock World

Things Are “Strange But True” In Western Scene’s Indie-Rock World

Things Are “Strange But True” In Western Scene’s Indie-Rock World


When things start getting strange and weird, will you hide under the covers?

Or will you acknowledge what is lost and stand to save the rest?

The child in you sees the change you can’t ignore.

It’s the voice that nags at you – the one that used to scream to be an astronaut – that doesn’t just look, but sees.

It’s complicated you tell younger you. But that never satisfied the kids, anyway.

Why. why. WHY?!

It feels exasperating as you hide under the metaphorical covers. And yet, a small spark ignites that forces you to peak from under life’s thread count.

A small voice, growing, ¡exclaiming! “It’s strange but true! We haven’t lost everything yet.” And as the music climaxes, you’ve lost the fear.

It’s time to fight.

Stream Western Scene – “Strange But True” below:

Western Scene is an indie-rock band formed by Tom Pritchard in Los Angeles. The bands first EP, ‘Listening’, was released in 2013 and produced by Hugo Nicolson ( of Radiohead / Primal Scream fame). The group has spent the last four years releasing self-produced music written and recorded in bedrooms and studios on both coasts, leading up to their latest single “Strange but True” out via New York indie label Grand Jury Music.

Purchase “Strange But True” via iTunes & Amazon below:


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