[Feature] Spotlights 8: Best New Indie Music

[Feature] Spotlights 8: Best New Indie Music

[Feature] Spotlights 8: Best New Indie Music



This edition of Spotlights finds us dipping our toes into the dark pools of human affection before realizing that requires a little more light than we currently have stored up. Thematically, this week’s list coalesced around the idea of a waning emotional openness to the people around you, while still whetting your physical appetite.

People can sometimes feel like an overdose–and if you’re introverted and a little dark like I am, it really doesn’t take much to make that happen–but they are also the one aspect of life that keeps the miasma sky from raining down upon you. The stance for complete self-care seems to let some important part of you fallow, especially in remembrance of warmer times.

*** Photo Courtesy of the Tehran Skyline: A country full of citizens who live hypermodern lifestyles like those in the West and are, you know, real people as well. Something to remember as our leaders sabre rattle them in the next few months***

Countries Represented: 5
UK, Canada, US, Australia, Japan

Become a Music Trivia Nerd:

  • While, Baths admits to always being open to wanting to explore darker elements in his music, much of this album’s themes come from a multi-month experience in which he was waylaid by a nasty E. Coli infection.
  • You wouldn’t know it from his music, but Kirk Spencer got his start playing acoustic guitar for other acts at the Community Recording Studio in Nottingham.
  • Until the Ribbon Breaks popped up on my radar last year after remixing Marina and The Diamonds’ “Primadonna” in a dubstep style that seems wildly divergent from the music they are making today.
  • Ta-Ku recently finished an exquisite series called “25 Nights For Nujabes” in which he produced an instrumental a night in honor of Japanese hip-hop producer Seba Jun. Hypetrak has kindly put them together into one Soundcloud set for your listening pleasure, here.




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