[FUTURE GARAGE] A Dark Valentine’s (2013): J’ai Oublié Mon Coeur

[FUTURE GARAGE] A Dark Valentine’s (2013): J’ai Oublié Mon Coeur

[FUTURE GARAGE] A Dark Valentine’s (2013): J’ai Oublié Mon Coeur




If you’re like Kris and I over here at The Sights and Sounds, Valentine’s Day can ride itself on a rusty dowel. Well, that is, if you’re looking at the holiday in a traditional sense of the word: psychotic displays of PDA, cheap forays into the bedroom, and other such nonsense. But if you look at V-day each year as the day you can cash in your emotional V-card with the world, re-interfacing  the way it see, and, um, touches you….well, then that miraculously rejuvenating wonder can set yourself up for some awesome V-day playlists. And in that vein, we introduce our Playlist for the year, entitled:

J’ai Oublié Mon Coeur, roughly translated: I Forgot About My Heart.

This is a Dark Valentine’s Day playlist for the solitary types. Like all of my thematic lists, this follows a journey. Here we are exploring the dynamic of thinking you’re made of stone, but really love shoots and shatters through your glass insides like a pinball made of steel. Beginning with Papi we ask: How do you deal with someone who ‘brings out the best in you when human connection baffles you?’. And mire within that struggle until the we figure out the path you’re willing to take to be open to ‘Affection’. How does changing inside for that one person reconnect you and make you ‘belong with everyone’ again? Dark romances can blow up the heart you forgot you had; and really, that can only be for the better…


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