Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens Cultivate ‘Luminous Spaces’

Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens Cultivate ‘Luminous Spaces’

Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens Cultivate ‘Luminous Spaces’


The single’s title says it all; Jon Hopkins’ latest track is nothing short of ethereal excellence.

An uplifting ambiance is cultivated through its delicate melodies. When infused with Kelly Lee Owens’ hypnotic, dream pop vocals, the track is launched a step forward in Hopkins’ poetic artistry of production. “Luminous Spaces” takes you into a dreamstate as it progresses into an aura of deep, textured soundwaves. It’s a lush, downtempo passion project that was actually initiated by Owens herself. According to PitchFork, the initial music file was intended to be her remix of Hopkins 2018 track “Luminous Beings”off the Singularity LP. Apparently her work resonated with Hopkins so much he released an edit as an official single.

Listen to “Luminous Spaces” now:

“I sent her the parts, but what she sent back just felt like something totally new, and had the potential to be so much more than a remix. She’d recorded these beautiful, uplifting vocal lines and had come up with joyous new riffs that recalled for me the best bits of the ’90s trance/euphoria that I had grown up loving. I got a beautiful sense of nostalgia and a true heart-lifting joy the first time I heard it, and it was so painless to take it from there to a finished piece—related and born out of ‘Luminous Beings’ but very much its own thing.”

Jon Hopkins via public statement

This single is fluid, yet simultaneously grandiose enough for repeated listens. And to be honest; it gets better with each replay. Be ready to add it to your 2020 soundtracks! We can only pray that it’s allure influences more forthcoming collaborations from both artists.

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Featured photo by Matthew Mumford


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