[INTERVIEW] Madison Violet On Getting Their New Album Ready

[INTERVIEW] Madison Violet On Getting Their New Album Ready

[INTERVIEW] Madison Violet On Getting Their New Album Ready

MVCanadian duo Madison Violet are busy making plenty of waves at the moment. With a brand new album on the horizon, and a recent single in the form of the stellar “These Ships”, this power-pairing are ones to watch.How long did “These Ships” roughly take to write? It started with a simple guitar riff that was written on the way home from a festival in Ontario. We completely forgot about it and then several months later it came back to me while sitting in a hotel room in Virginia. We immediately wrote the second verse and chorus, and it went from there.

What have been the best reactions to it so far? 

We have been sent videos from fans and friends who have filmed themselves (not always sober!) dancing to the song when it comes on the radio. It’s especially nice to see people dance to your music!

How did working with Ultra Music initially come about? 

We signed to Strong Songs in Canada which are affiliated with Ultra Music and once the Ultra team heard the record, they wanted to talk about releasing it globally. It ended up being the perfect fit.

Are you still based in Toronto? If so, what is the music scene like over there at the moment?

Yes, we’re still in Toronto. The music scene is vibrant and thriving. There’s always a band to watch out for!

Who would you say your biggest inspirations are? 

Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Rolling Stones were some of my favourite song writers growing up, the 80’s British scene like the Stone Roses, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths were bands I couldn’t get enough of.

Can you spill any information on your forthcoming album? 

We usually make a record in a few weeks but with YOTH, we spent three months in the studio which allowed us to really explore each song to it’s fullest, before calling it done. We’re super excited about it!

Have you enjoyed making it together? 

It’s the most fun we’ve ever had making a record. And we loved working with Tino. We laughed a lot during the process because we all got each other’s random humour.

Where can we find you playing in the next couple of months? 

Right now we’re six shows into a 25 date European tour, then we head to Eastern Canada for a bunch more shows.

Don’t forget you can pick up the Matt James remix of “These Ships” here. 


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