This New Justin Jay Single Is ‘Stuck In My Head’

This New Justin Jay Single Is ‘Stuck In My Head’

This New Justin Jay Single Is ‘Stuck In My Head’


Justin Jay just made the Fantastic Voyage that much more fantastic with his new single, ‘Stuck In My Head,’ featuring Benny Bridges on guitar.



The song was written, sung, and produced by Justin; exposing a raw, more vulnerable side that is also evident in recent releases like ‘Can’t Hang.’ Though the track takes on a more minimal approach then we are perhaps used to, JJ continues to demonstrate his authenticity as an artist with honest lyrics and a refined sound. The relaxed redirection from his solo work on Dirtybird has garnered such positive feedback and we are loving this evolution of Justin Jay.



Justin discovered the lo-fi vocal sound using an iPhone recording and a vocal processing rack that he created in Logic. You might recognize the sound as it has become a staple in his live shows. Which, by the way, are one of the most genuine expressions of fun you will sail upon.



Stuck Inside My Head is relatable and simple, yet crafted with precision. It makes the listener want to listen. It invites understanding. Highlighting personal troubles that many can relate to. Justin does a sincere job of reminding the fans and music lovers that he’s still a person too – a kid even. A kid in the sense of being a young, ever-aspiring DJ/producer who is surely still confronted with the same issues as any other ‘normal’ 24 year old. Girl troubles, existential crises, the search for an identity, loss, etc. As an artist he is known only (as in mostly) in the limelight and not the dark. Consider this new release a deep conversation with Justin about life, love, and fear. Enjoy the talk. Thanks for opening up, JJ. Thanks for the music. And most of all, thanks for sharing the palpable human quality that is now ‘Stuck Inside My Head.’


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