Nostalgia At The End Of The World

Nostalgia At The End Of The World

Nostalgia At The End Of The World


Nostalgia kills

As a new year is ushered in, memories of a nostalgic past flood the consciousness in shockwaves. They hurt. Cold showers can’t pierce skin this badly. Something about the pasts puissant tug drives me up the fucking wall. None of that matters though, 2018 is my year. Until I start to cry again. Anyways.

A: It’s hard to be alive sometimes

B: What

A: Well its like why us? Why does it just so happen that out of a million sperm cells the single one that reached the egg was me? What is our purpose here at all? Besides learning to hunt and make fire and create as a species, what does any of this even mean? It seems like we’re on a straight shot through time to reach nothing. Nothing makes sense anymore.

B: You smoke too much


A: Birth is a curse

B: Why are you so negative?

A: I’m just being honest

B: Pull up your pants

A: It hurts to dance

B: Everything hurts

A: You don’t know that


A: I can’t pin point it

B: What does pin point mean?

A: It’s like if you’re close to defining a thought or a feeling, but it escapes you

B: What’s a feeling?

A: You ever feel a driving tug that pulls at every inch of your existence until you can’t bear it anymore and it literally begins to pull you apart at the seams? Like every inch of your soul is stretching to mold to the tremendous weight of taut straps ripping your flesh. Sometimes I feel I’m getting ripped apart. I love it.

B: Sometimes I wake up and I’m too scared to go back to sleep

A: Why

B: It’s so dark

A: Are you okay?



B: Yeah

A: I’ve been crying all day

B: Why



A: Happiness hurts even worse than sadness. Because I know how bad it’s gonna hurt when I think of it years down the line

B: Just enjoy it while you can

A: Wana go Iceskating?

B: Yeah

A: 2018 is my year

B: We all die though

A: I’m off to a good start

B: You’re gonna die too

A: Fuck this hurts

B: Just be quiet, okay?

A: I may as well make the world a little better

B: Don’t bother me though


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