Sometime Sonny Creates Introspective Psychedelia With “Like Everybody Else”

Sometime Sonny Creates Introspective Psychedelia With “Like Everybody Else”

Sometime Sonny Creates Introspective Psychedelia With “Like Everybody Else”


Sometime Sonny’s latest track, “Like Everybody Else” is fuel for the introspective soul. 

The on-the-rise Australian multi-instrumentalist, Sometime Sonny, who is better known at this point as Dave Campbell, is quickly tugging the heartstrings of his listeners with his raw, honest lyricism and stunning alt-rock arrangements.

After releasing his debut single Wasted On Me and a self-titled EP, Sometime Sonny has maintained momentum with his latest single, “Like Everybody Else.” It’s a song about the hardening realization that: No, you are not really that special.



Allow whatever feelings or thoughts you have from that statement to wash over you.

Extreme Agreement? “Yeah, pretty much. We’re all doomed anyway, right?”

Ironic Skepticism? “This guy is just trying to be edgy. Why is he trying so hard?”

How about Healthy Acceptance & Curiosity? Try that one on for size.

I fell in love with “Like Everybody Else” after my first listen. The song’s stark message is paired with a peaceful, psychedelic sound that brings out an inevitable sense of self-reflection. For a satiating 3 minutes and 50 seconds, the song elicits an image (even indicated on the track’s cover art, courtesy of Conor Lee) of a airy walkabout. Its fizzy, indica-inclined dreamscape carries an emotive quality, with heavy guitars floating alongside whatever thoughts are already dancing alongside you. Vocally, Sonny’s tone is just the right amount of lackadaisical that one might expect from a song about blending in with the rest of society. But you know what? It works.



Picture this: you’re on your morning commute…

Idly drifting towards your place of work, to that very important meeting about not quite as important topics. Or perhaps you’re even buzzing back to your apartment after a late night out, wearing last night’s clothing you wish was an invisibility cloak. You and the other worker bees are moving towards the places where you allot so much meaning. You’ve got deadlines on the mind. The promotion you didn’t get. That thing you said to so and so at that event the other night. A repeated, rhythmic mantra plays over and over in your mind, reminding you of everything you need to get done: all the tasks that you believe will set you apart from all the others.

Look up from your blue-lit phone.

Filled with photos and updates of others, and realize that everyone else on this train or bus is just like you. In their own minds they’ve established this very feeling of meaning. The same meaning that’s slowly tearing them apart.

“Like Everybody Else” balances realism and reflection in a wavy fashion. As an up-and-comer, Sometime Sonny is proving himself an artist to watch out for. I, for one, cannot wait for what’s to come.


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