Q + A: Get To Know Stace Cadet

Q + A: Get To Know Stace Cadet

Q + A: Get To Know Stace Cadet


He’s a mustache-repping, Straya-native who’s having “heaps of fun” along his musical journey.

This past June was a successful month for dance-music curator Stace Cadet, who released a single titled ‘The Circus,’ as well as an official This Aint Bristol remix both within a week-long time frame. Additionally, the rising star has earned his own respective features on Club Sweat and IN / ROTATION record labels.



We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to pick the brain of this multi-dimensional character! Get to know a personal side of Stace Cadet with The Sights and Sounds‘ exclusive interview.

Tell us a little background information about yourself? Where did you grow up? Who are you aside from a producer?

“I grew up in a town little town called Adelaide in Australia. When I am not producing / djing / writing youʼll find me designing artwork for other musicians. Album covers, tour posters and digital marketing – that kinda ting! Other than that Iʼm just having laugh really. “

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? What about them makes you feel inspired?

“STORY TELLING: Tim Freedman, Slug, Mos Def, Thom Yorke, Ben Gibbard

PRODUCING: DJ Premier, Kyle Watson, Jonsi Birgisson, James Blake

I am most inspired by music that articulates how people feel but are generally afraid to express both through the light and shade of melody, production and written word.”

Are you into any other music besides electronic?

I am indeed… Growing up I listened to all kinds of music from Death Cab for Cutie, Nick Cave, Royce Da 5ʼ9, Guru, Atmosphere to Radiohead, Lamb, Portishead and Sigur Ros. It was my musical education in a way. The human condition sees no genre and all music has a place at significant moments in a persons life.

Do you have a set goal for your career? Any dream event you’d love to be booked at?

My goal has always been to make enough to keep making. In saying that, it would be dope to headline the Electric Forest Dance stage one day haha. Itʼs my favourite festival and Itʼs where I wrote my first record ‘Molly Happy.ʼ

What would you say has been your biggest struggle has throughout your musical career? How did you over come it?

My biggest hindrance has always been myself ha. A lack of confidence or belief in my direction, music or ability at times has slowed me down. In saying that, I believe the Universe is a crazy motherfucker and has always come through at those crucial moments with the small wins that have kept me moving forward.

Is there anyone you’ve met along the journey that you’d like to give a shout out to?

Everyone. Human interaction is the best part of dance music. To all the promoters, bar staff, patrons, security guards and airline staff – I salute you.

What a guy!

CONNECT WITH STACE CADET: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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