Take A Ride Into Sonny Alven’s Retro Daydream With “Backseat Lovin'”

Take A Ride Into Sonny Alven’s Retro Daydream With “Backseat Lovin'”

Take A Ride Into Sonny Alven’s Retro Daydream With “Backseat Lovin'”


Norwegian producer Sonny Alven keeps it both dreamy and sexy in his retro new track, “Backseat Lovin’.”

Sonny Alven’s breakthrough single “Our Youth” feat. Emmi, was just the first step on the path of his success. Since then, Alven has released his Girls EP, his flirty single “Cool With You” with co-writer GOLDENS, and has generated over 70 million streams for his original songs and 17 million with his remixes (Alesso, Tove Lo, Astrid S).

Alven’s sensual, low BPM dance/pop bangers have earned him performing spots next to titans like Kygo and Galantis.

Alven’s latest release, “Backseat Lovin’” features Lana Del Rey-like melancholic, dreamy vocals and a steady-yet-subtle beat that feels tender and nostalgic. Its reminiscent lyrics communicate a sense of longing for a time when the question, “what will become of us?” had not even been born yet, let alone uttered out loud. Just as the warm and worn leather backseat of a borrowed car, “Backseat Lovin’” gives way to the weight of whatever the listener is experiencing, and is smooth as ever.

The beauty is not lost in the slower rhythm of the song, but rather gives way for wider appreciation for it. It is just as appropriate a song for staring out the car window as it is for twirling under a disco ball at a club, which makes “Backseat Lovin’” a sensual, yet innocent delight.

In his own words, Sonny shared: “I wrote Backseat Lovin’ together with another songwriter in Stockholm. We wanted to create this slow and beautiful song, inspired by the mid 90’s. It was just one of those perfect days in the studio, where everything worked out. I couldn’t be happier with how it all came about, and I hope you love the song as much as I do.”

Stream Sonny Alven – “Backseat Lovin'” below:


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