[NEWS] Random Rab Presale Available For New Album “Formless Edge”

[NEWS] Random Rab Presale Available For New Album “Formless Edge”

[NEWS] Random Rab Presale Available For New Album “Formless Edge”


Earlier this year there was talk about Random Rab gracing us with a new album, “Formless Edge.” With the release of the first single, “A Little More Free,” we have been getting teased. I kind of like it though.

Well, the time is near but has not quite arrived. Pre-sale tickets are available now for the album’s release on June 16th, 2017. However, before we enter the creative mind behind Formless Edge, we have a journey to embark on: the wait. Thankfully we’ve got an ethereal music video to make our wait A Little More…Tolerable!

Between the visionary album artwork and experimental space jams brought to you by Rab himself, we have a lot to look forward to. And how’s this for a sweet deal? There’s a special edition pre-sale option with a reusable flash drive loaded with bonus material plus a signed art print!

Formless Edge in audiophile 24 bit wave, 16 bit CD quality as well as MP3 –
4.5″x4.5″ double sided signed art print with track-listing on back –
Music videos –
Secret bonus content (b-sides, unreleased material, and digital art) –


Here’s a track list to keep the anxious jitters alive:
  1. Gimme That Hope
  2. Curiosity
  3. A Little More Free
  4. Outpost Aurora
  5. Parallels (Random Rab & Lapa)
  6. Lucid Interval
  7. Thunder Shadow
  8. Redactor (Random Rab & Lapa)
  9. Formulates in Darkness (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)
  10. Water Chandelier
  11. Bodhicitta (feat. Rigzin)
  12. Time Reel (Random Rab & Lapa)
  13. Heavenly Light
  14. Sepulcher (feat. Jason Kalidas)
  15. Repose (feat. Pela)

Check out his tour dates right here! The next couple shows are scheduled before the album release so, you never know, fresh tracks might be dropped. Just sayin’. Enjoy!


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