[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks

[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks

[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks


[420 PLAYLIST] The Sights And Sounds Picks Their Favorite Stoner Tracks

Happy 4/20 everyone! The only date in the calender year where everyone who doesn’t smoke weed claims to and we all go along with it. National Stoner Day, as it’s infamously touted, April 20th has become a counterculture holiday that is celebrated in a haze of glory the world over. Shit, I’m celebrating right now! And if there is one thing every proper pothead can attest to it is the fact that you need to set the perfect mood before letting the heady vibrations take effect. Don’t you dare kill my buzz with shitty sounds, bro. A few of us here at The Sights And Sounds will be partaking in the holiday festivities, so I asked our staff what songs they like to get blazed to and here is what they came up with. Enjoy the toke, readers.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve smoked a lot of weed to a lot music, and it really depends on what mood I’m in at the moment. For me, the following two tracks come up again and again as they both encompass this idea of what it means to experience the sensation that is ‘getting high’. Everyone reacts differently, but for most it’s the extreme relaxation and sense of carefree joy that we experience as the first giggles come bubbling up from our bellies. For others it’s an elevated feeling (pardon the pun), a sense of community and creativity that spawns from the ganja – their brains think and connect ideas and thoughts differently and experience life from a different perspective. For me, it’s both.




All of these tracks bring me back to 2011, and my first fistfight with cancer. I thought I was going to die, so I just shacked up with this guy on the coast of Lake Washington. Every day I’d sit on the dock, listen to these tracks, get high and disperse myself. I’d try to dissipate into the wind and let the music take me there. Complex instrumental indietronica gives voice to a whole host of emotions, a path to freedom. Getting high to music is a way to carry your body on the vector of soundwaves, way the fuck away from yourself. Despite it being a dark as fuck summer, I just remember these songs as making me the most liberated I’ve ever been.





This track is the perfecet song to light up some herb to. It’s got a smooth bass line, awesome string arrangements, a laidback beat, and some awesome electric keys/synths to really make this a spacey song. Enjoy!



Always a good start off. Super chill, but enough that it kind of gets the mind going.


For those of you unfamiliar with Minnesota, his productions couldn’t be more perfect for blazing. Whenever I find myself road tripping around sun-soaked Midwest country roads, there is no better music to roll down my windows and light one up to. His phenomenal remix of Shotgun Radio’s “A Bad Place” is still (far and away) my favorite tune of his to date and a true melodic dubstep masterpiece.



I feel like this is a song that takes me on a journey. Warren G provides context in his lyrics around what was going down and so I can really picture myself alongside him and Nate Dogg when I smoke.



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