The 7 Must See’s of Oregon Eclipse Gathering

The 7 Must See’s of Oregon Eclipse Gathering

The 7 Must See’s of Oregon Eclipse Gathering


Counting the moons has never been a passing time of ours until now. With a total solar eclipse in bound, a global phenomenon is set to grace us for Oregon Eclipse 2017 this August. By harnessing collaborators from around the world, a once in a lifetime gaze into the sun is in our near future.



Although it has adopted a new name, Oregon Eclipse finds it’s roots in Symbiosis Gathering. If you take a look at the Eclipse website, you’ll even find the Symbiosis logo modestly placed at the top left. So wait, is it Symbiosis or Oregon Eclipse? The answer is both. But also, much more. Like…so much more. For instance, a few columns to the right is a tab titled, “Oregon Eclipse Collaborators.” Symbiosis is on that list along with too many to list. However, each of these countries will be joining together for the gathering – a true testament to the definition of symbiosis.

“the living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms” – Merriam Webster

The coming together of distant bodies from across the globe to co-create during such a grandiose spectacle is something you don’t want to miss. If you do happen to miss it, don’t expect to catch another one any time soon. And again, if you do happen to miss it, you’ll also be missing these 7 attractions that just might be a few of the larger needles in a massive haystack.

7. Wellness Oasis & Classroom


“Whether you want to know what to pack in your herbal first aid kit, how to use cannabis for pain relief and healing, Feng Shui your surroundings, overcome money blocks, sing kirtan, breathe freely or quickly heal from a broken relationship, you will find a treasure trove of classes to choose from in the Wellness Classroom.” This is where you will find daily sound healing at 10am and meditation at 4pm. The Wellness Oasis also offers a number of massage and healing varieties from professionals around the world. Try something new and decompress between sun up and sundown!


6. Tribal Markers Workshop


While some prefer the use of glitter and body paint, others explore the art of tribal marking. “The Tribal Markers team consists of a unique group of artists, healers and teachers all trained in the principles of Marking, while incorporating their own original art forms.” You can find the Tribal Marking workshop at Kidzbiosis Dream Village throughout the week. The good news is if you’re a kid at heart, you are welcome to sit in on the class. In other words – adults welcome!

5. Hot Air Balloons


Take a scenic 45-minute ride over the festival grounds with up to 6 people at sunrise with the help of a professional guide. Or you can hop on a tethered ride for a quick 5-6 minutes. Check the details here for reservations, pricing, and more. When else are you going spit fire into the belly of a balloon over a backdrop like that of Big Summit Prairie?


4. Wheel of Fortune


“Enter this living Tarot deck by stepping through one of its 22 doors. On the inside of each door is one of 22 massive multiple-exposure photographs featuring a cast of powerful and inspiring women depicting the Major Arcana of the Tarot.” The video above says it all…

3. Yoga of Bass & Deep Exhale


Big whoop. There’s always yoga…Wrong. These two events aren’t the usual run of the gamut yoga. Yoga of Bass with Claire Thompson is a culmination of meditation, yoga, dance, sound healing, and learning. With the help of DJ/producer’s such as Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, and in this installment, Kodiak Kid, Claire infuses heavy bass music into her flow and leads us through a whimsically relaxed and deep practice.

And then comes the deepest of deep: Deep Exhale with Cristi Christinsen and Marques Wyatt. The immersive experience begins with a yoga movement led by Cristi and accompanied with the sacred beats of DEEP-LA’s very own Marques Wyatt. Then we transition into dance as Marques takes the lead – all the while remembering to breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

2. Genius Sound Temple


Jamesun Hubbs of Genius Drums is a sound healer and maker of tongue drums. He had a vision and that vision is coming to fruition. Here’s what Jamesun has to say about his creation:

“The Genius Sound Temple is a fully immersive sanctuary space for literal soundbaths. You heard them… literal soundbaths. While the Temple team is keeping some things a surprise, what we do know is that there will be a plethora of interactive Genius Drums (similar to handpans) floating in the lake for everyone to play and an aquatic haven of great vibes. Everything will be in tune with each other— creating an ambient soundscape throughout the environment— and all of the instruments are designed for anyone to play great music in sync with everyone else regardless of musical experience.”

This environment was recently added to Eclipse ecosystem and is currently crowdfunding some of its costs. To support this project, check out They’ve got some instrument giveaway contests going on on their social media channels too.”



1. The total solar eclipse!


Duh! Did you think I forgot? This is no ordinary occurrence. Of all the brief moments that amount to something, this is one of those rare happening in space and time that elicit more than a moment of appreciation. Not sure what a solar eclipse is? Here’s a video to help!



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