[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay – “Midnight” (Kygo Remix)

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay – “Midnight” (Kygo Remix)

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay – “Midnight” (Kygo Remix)


[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay - "Midnight" (Kygo Remix)

Some artists take years developing a sound they can call their own, often spending endless hours and countless all nighters in front of their work space pouring over every detail of their craft. Live bands, too, have a seemingly endless tour schedule, opening in front of meager crowds in a continual effort to spread their music and make ends meet. But there are a select few artists who seemingly come out of nowhere, dropping fresh new sounds that instantly demand people’s attention and almost guarantees overnight success.

Such is the case for 22-year old Norwegian newcomer Kygo, whose tropically chilled synths and airtight production skills have garnered the attention of EDM bigwigs worldwide. Among those taking notice are Diplo and Pete Tong, who recently premiered Kygo’s dreamy electronic take on Coldplay‘s “Midnight” via his radio show on BBC Radio 1. Chilled, with just the right amount of breeze, Kygo makes excellent work of Chris Martin’s enchanting vocals, keeping them as ethereal as ever here. Picture yourself cruising down an island coastline in the middle of the night, the salty wind blowing through your hair as the crashing waves they create form a white line that guides you into the horizon. Now press play below and float away on Kygo’s blossoming career via this slice of sonic bliss.


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