[DARK INDIETRONICA] Sailor & I – Leave The Light On (Official Music Video)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Sailor & I – Leave The Light On (Official Music Video)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Sailor & I – Leave The Light On (Official Music Video)



I’m intoxicated
Took half a pill of love and lost it

Always said no to handouts but my judgement is clouded to everything you give me. I can feel the temperature changing on my skin. Sweating but cold, blue lights are piercing through my body. Can’t stop touching my hair, I feel an uncontrollable urge to close my eyes and let the music carry me towards you. Every time I reach my destination the space you used to hold is empty and

The moment’s gone

Stomping my feet as hard as I can, my hips are under harmonic management. Can feel the brushing of strangers on my arms. Little rustles remind me I am here and in this moment I am yours and you are mine. Lean against your chest so we can move to our own beat. Hands tangle in mine and your body wraps around me and we are one.

The moment’s gone


Fucked up again. Forgot to tell you that I love moments at a time. The music is gone and you are you and I am me and we are no longer any kind of entity. The party has passed and the crowd is so still. Radio silence in my heart, too. You expect from me way more than I’m ever willing to give. Can’t apologize, this girl knows who she is. I am broken, am whole. Am everything you ever wanted without the willingness to ever hand it over to you. Am a collection of withheld depression wrapped in happy experiences. I am the mother without children. The wife without husband. The friend who’s alone. Am palpable strength with invisible weaknesses. I am nothing, am everything. All those before you did the same. Turned their back on me in self preservation, both hating me and loving me more.

Hey you, please

Leave the light on.



I’d say there are no words from me this time for Sailor & I but as usual he manages to bring out even the most hidden of emotions locked away in this mythical place I call a heart. I have genuinely started to believe this artist is the soundtrack producer to my life; Leave The Light On brings forward vocals overwhelmed in soul; once again sparking raw desperation and hope through a brilliant composition that leaves us wondering what is next for a producer that never fails to impress while constantly meeting the high standards he has forced us to expect.

After more than two years of my now irrevocable love for this artist I can guarantee the best is yet to come.

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