[DARK POP] Walked On Air, You Blew Up The Sky: New Singles by LVTHER, Mutemath, Son Lux/Jailo

[DARK POP] Walked On Air, You Blew Up The Sky: New Singles by LVTHER, Mutemath, Son Lux/Jailo

[DARK POP] Walked On Air, You Blew Up The Sky: New Singles by LVTHER, Mutemath, Son Lux/Jailo



Used to walk on air. Electric slide on lightning. Kick it in the club on cumulus clouds. Power up my soul by shuffling sneakers in the sun from 16 thousand metres in the air. Swung my limbs all sexy like, even in storms. No way would the free-heart light, atmosphere betray me. Wouldn’t let me spiral, even if thunder had become your lingua franca.

Danced on the dark side of the moon with damn elegance. Then you started shooting at me through Facebook. Words, bullets. One here. Seven, seven days later. Then seven hundred thousand a second. The French Air Force fucking up my fancy feet. Nigerians annihilating me. Egyptians eating me. All the world’s air forces adding insult to injury. Every six hours.


down. down. down. heart-doctors damn near determined i died. no. orthos ogled at my ostentatious injuries. said i’d never walk again. no. damaged all desire to. don’t. didn’t dance again. stupid stupid. stupid. i’m so stupid.

You, I were the danger zone. Were connecting the dots. Didn’t not-see all of two years we are dark little people that could dominate if we just held someone’s hand and let ourselves soar. Deviated out of ourselves to write doctorates on all the non-destructive days we’d live. Dared to dream of Netflix dates, platonically pouring whiskey down each others throats as we destroyed all the dumb shit we used to do. Should of known I was licking the barrel of a gun in these chats. Usually I hold the gun.

Figured I should know
How it’s got to go
Cause nothing is made to last forever


When I was in the sky, exhaled ecstasy out my sputtering lungs. Didn’t have the breath to sweep the dancefloor six, seven hours a night. But you were trying to show me life could be Studio 54, something you enjoy like a happy-heart hedon. MDMA moved through my veins because you weren’t moving away from me when I needed you. Traced my scars, filled them in with THC. Your kindness became cocaine, kept me up all night curating playlists for the CLUB DJ on Cumulus Nine.

I used to never feel like
I do now


And when I crashed, you drank all the wine from my heart. Saw upbeat lips damn the world, didn’t say a damn thing. Shot me full of ketamine, said I’d get home all safe-like. Even though I was stuck in an out of body experience on the stone outside the bathroom watching the sky shoot sad-drizzle into my eyes until my head swam in it. Saw the world piss all over me for six days. I laid down in front of those urinals and stopped my heart, stopped having a heart.

I was down on my knees.
And you didn’t know me at all.


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