[DEEP HOUSE] KATO and Sigala Team Up with Hailee Steinfeld On Killer Club Cut “Show You Love”

[DEEP HOUSE] KATO and Sigala Team Up with Hailee Steinfeld On Killer Club Cut “Show You Love”

[DEEP HOUSE] KATO and Sigala Team Up with Hailee Steinfeld On Killer Club Cut “Show You Love”



Love is powerful. Love is transformative. Love is amazing! We all want love in one way or another, but in order to receive love we have to be open to it.

This often means that we have to let go of what we know and trust the unknown because how can we experience something new if we keep holding on to the same familiar feelings and ways? Treading in familiar water will not facilitate change or give us new opportunities.

Sometimes, in order to be open to new things like love, we have to break down the walls and barriers built up inside of us. This can be anything from resentment to fear or distrust. Sometimes, it could be a past memory of a bad or traumatizing experience that causes us to close up or build a wall. Either way, holding on to these “walls” or inaccurate definitions of what we think is love can cause us a lot of pain and grief. We have to let go and trust!

I’ll do this the right way
Not gonna run away from these things I can’t escape from
‘Cause that’s how I used to play it
Never takin’ a chance, I’ve waited too long

But I’ma show you right now all the love that I feel
Invite you inside, so you’ll see that it’s real
Yeah this is the moment, the second, the time
Now I’m about to lose my mind

‘Cause I just wanna show you love
Show you love

This is in part, what multi-talented and Oscar-Nominated singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld is singing about on her current collaboration with hit making British DJ/producer Sigala and Danish DJ/producer Kato, Show You Love. The energetic club cut is a step into more of a deep house territory for Sigala (who has already scored multiple dance hits internationally including the Jackson 5-sampling Easy Love, Sweet Lovin’, and Ain’t Giving Upand a deeper dive into club land for Steinfeld who previously hinted at expanding her sound through her successful collaboration with Zedd and Grey, Starving.

Kato, who is known in Europe for his 2010 hit Turn The Lights Off, comments about the track: “Hailee is the secret spice that makes the track come together. Her charismatic pop vocal fits perfectly with the single’s house sound, making it something in between.”

Do you think that Hailee’s new sonic direction is a good fit and she’s never sounded better? Or are you simply inspired by her uplifting lyrics?

Let us know in the comments below!


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