Desert Hearts Brings Love to the City Hearts Festival

Desert Hearts Brings Love to the City Hearts Festival

Desert Hearts Brings Love to the City Hearts Festival


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Behind every enchanted festival is a longing desire to bring some (if not all) of it back home.



We want more than the newly acquired connections made with those spirited humans that danced by our side all weekend. Something tells me we need it – and more.



The Desert Hearts community recognized this yearning and brought home our home away from home with their City Hearts Festival.


Coming to Los Angeles Center Studios November 12th in DTLA is the the very first City Hearts Festival. Everything that there is to love and cherish about Desert Hearts comes to the city as an extension of the desert experience with a clear vision to dissolve the separation between ‘festival life’ and ‘real life.’ The 10-hour open air festival brings Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs + more packing no shortage of the DH mentality: House, Techno, Love. But this time Desert Hearts takes further, tangible action to spread the love with City Hearts.



“Desert Hearts will also be using this new event to engage their community for change and social action with the launch of Helping Hearts, a charitable division of the DH movement.By activating followers with a day of service in the run-up to the event and donating 25% percent of the ticket sales to the Downtown LA Mission, DH hopes to apply the ethos of the movement they have created hand in hand to their new urban home.”

In a music scene that is regularly judged and misunderstood through the eyes of regular society, DH represents an opportunity for reconciliation.


The environment for the festival remains conducive to whatever you crave. If it is full-force partying you seek, the boys have not gone soft in that regard. Yoga? All around you. Perhaps you possess an underlying thirst for art. Come, quench yourself with the live visual artistry and creations of vendors and more.


Whether you are new to the family or a day one veteran, know that you are welcome here because…



We Are All Desert Hearts

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