Electrocado’s “Smooth & Creamy” Mau5trap EP Takes House Amalgams To Unforeseen Heights

Electrocado’s “Smooth & Creamy” Mau5trap EP Takes House Amalgams To Unforeseen Heights

Electrocado’s “Smooth & Creamy” Mau5trap EP Takes House Amalgams To Unforeseen Heights


One must never pigeonhole themselves with artistic nuance. It’s incredibly important — especially in 2017’s increasingly inseparable, struggling socio-political climate — to seek out and expect the unexpected.

Of course with some musical acts, the listener knows what to expect… if not exactly, then an iteration. Now, this is not to say expectations in music are a bad thing. Oftentimes, we as listeners seek out patterns of repetition. Our brains find particular loops and patterns enticing. Naturally, we as humans flock to the familiar. But, so much of what makes ingesting familiar music a beautiful thing is finding sonic entities that fall outside of one’s expected spectrum. We adore these outliers. There’s an inherent beauty in the unexpected. Presently, we’re choosing to live a little bit. We’ve fallen in love with an outlier and we want to spread this tasty remedy on all the bad wounds this year has left us with. And if you’re with us, listen to Electrocado.

Originally created by Sydney producers Bill Day and Ryan Whare in 2009, the two have since whipped up plentiful proportions of electro, glitch, and progressive house, only to spread some avocado on top.

Smooth & Creamy

But the two don’t call it a day there —oh no — they proceed to grill the satisfying concoction until it’s a sizzling, hot, culmination of crunchy-goodness. The result? A tasty meal? In this case, rather, it’s an unprecedented amalgam of house’s sub-genres.. racking up four, maybe five Michelin Stars.


Electrocado embodies an unparalleled, eclectic, perhaps even dizzying array of tempos. The two incessantly tap into venerable musical influences.

On Smooth & Creamy, their latest Mau5trap EP, the Australia-hailing duo cooks up an unforeseen journey of house music’s intersections. Beginning with “Bogan Philosophy,” an 8-minute experimental tech house journey, the duo implores mind-numbingly executed glitches, synths, and fervent bass — only to meet its listeners with chilling melodies, even the label boss —deadmau5 himself — would bow his head to.

From the first number on, Electrocado serves as the head chefs in a progressive, melodic kitchen.

To try and pinpoint the secret ingredient of this mouthwatering duo would diminish the very integrity of their dizzying sonic synthesis itself…so take a listen, grab some grub, and spread some Electrocado on your next sandwich… you’ll see what we mean…



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Grace Fleisher Former Managing Editor