Anakim Takes His Dreams To New Heights, ‘Mastadon’ Single Out Now

Anakim Takes His Dreams To New Heights, ‘Mastadon’ Single Out Now

Anakim Takes His Dreams To New Heights, ‘Mastadon’ Single Out Now


Anakim is a raver-turned-producer knocking goals off his techno bucket list with ease.

You might recognize him as one of Sound Nightclub’s resident DJs. From the ICON Collective music school to performing his first Yuma Stage set at Coachella, Anakim progressively seeks to reach greater heights in his musical career. He’s made a name for himself in the southern California scene along the journey, and even taken his talent across seas.

“So I happen to hold dual citizenship with the Philippines, Anakim told The Sights and Sounds. “I went out there a couple of years ago for my cousin’s wedding and I ended up randomly playing at this underground techno nightclub in Manila just from meeting the owners and having a chat with them. I’d go back and play that club today, it was so cool.”

The San Diego native has earned his own releases on Mau5trap, Understated, Dear Deer Records, and more. His inspirations, however, span far beyond electronic soundscapes. Anakim explains that his introduction to music started with Earth, Wind and Fire along with his Dad’s Buena Vista Social Club latin records. With diverse roots as such, his multifaceted tastes lead him to explore a realm of different genres when struggling with writer’s block.

“I’m definitely still a huge fan of rap and hip hop. It’s probably what I listen to the most outside of electronic music. I’m also a fan of pop music. Not necessarily the major mainstream stuff. When I say pop music I’m talking about acts ranging from dvsn and Majid Jordan all the way to Japanese Breakfast and Kllo. I even have a reggaeton Spotify playlist.”

His latest released dropped within the past 48 hours. “Mastadon” is an intergalactic, underground single. The track plays a part in ‘All Of Us’ Vol 001, the first ever compilation from Understated Recordings.


Anakim will be featured at the ‘Pineapple Presents’ event on Nov. 18, 2018, at El Camino (2400 India St, San Diego). Being that he grew up in the North County city of Encinitas, Pineapple Presents puts Anakim in his natural habitat. Tickets can be purchased here, the event is nearing so get them quick! It’s bound to be an immersive experience, sweeter than a citrus.

On a final note, Anakim has connected with some notable souls along the ride.

“Shout out to my manager Chris Allderdice. Shout out to Mark Andrezyk, the talent booker at Sound Nightclub. Shout out to my Understated LA crew. Big shout outs to Brennen Grey and my boy Chris Simon, two incredibly talented producers, both of whom I have some stuff in the works with.”

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